June 9, 2013

Green Gifts for Dad.

Thinking about another tie this year for dad?

Outside of planning a fun outdoor activity that gets dad’s heart pumpin’ or cooking up a delicious meal, getting that perfect gift is always a conundrum. Why not show him your love and appreciation with a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift that he will love and Mother Earth will benefit from as well? Check out some of these ideas that aren’t only green, but also budget friendly!

Online subscriptions: Keep Dad in the know of what goes on in the world, as well as his interests, the digital way! Newspapers and magazines have online versions now, so surprise Dad with his fave publication to read anywhere, anytime. And hey, splurge on a tablet that makes his whole life easily mobile!

Organic Fair Trade Coffee: If Dad starts his day with a warm cup o’ joe, make sure it’s an eco-friendly version that tastes great! It goes great with his online subscription.

Bike it: A bicycle is the perfect green gift for every dad because unlike a car it doesn’t create pollution. Even if it’s just riding down the street to do a few local errands as opposed to going on an entire trek it allows him to get a little fresh air and exercise during the day.

Green cookware: Non-stick pans have always been convenient to cook with because they clean easily but depending on the type of material they are made from they may secrete poisonous chemicals at high temperatures. If Dad likes to cook but his non-stick pans fall into this category, surprise him with new ones that have a clean bill of health.

Soda water machine: Sometimes dads tend to drink a lot of soda, consuming ingredients which don’t contribute well to their health. Alternatively, all those empty bottles add up to a lot of plastic waste, even if most can be recycled. Getting him a soda water machine with reusable plastic bottles and natural flavorings is the perfect substitute for his bubble cravings and can help keep his health in check.

Ceiling fan: If you are planning on doing some interior remodeling consider installing a ceiling fan in your dad’s home office or the living room where he likes to sit. It will help with circulation, use less electricity than an air conditioner, and can provide a nice breeze without drying him out.

Herbs: An herbal starter kit can go a long way, especially at the beginning of summer. It will have time to grow into a thriving patch that dads can use when they are cooking up a storm with their new pots and pans. Herbs can also be healing when feeling under the weather.

All natural toiletries: Many shampoos, conditioners, aftershaves, and lotions contain chemicals which often get absorbed through our skin and potentially affect a person’s health. Replace Dad’s old products with safe ones made form natural ingredients.

Vegan Wallet: A wallet made of cork or other recycled materials will keep Dad’s money safe and his conscience clean. Oh, and super hip!

Homemade Father’s Day card: Whatever gift(s) you decide to get your father don’t forget the all important Father’s Day card. It can be made by re-purposing old pictures and be a true piece of art from the heart or a simple card made from recycled paper. Either way, the fact its green-minded will help the love shine through.

Whatever you get him, be sure to fill it with love. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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Ed: Brianna Bemel

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