Nature Sends a Message: Massive Flooding in Calgary.

Via Bud Wilson
on Jun 22, 2013
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Nature is sending the oil and gas industry executives who live in Calgary a message.

Nearly 100,000 homes are being evacuated as you are reading this.

Watch the video of another extreme weather event:


Click here for the CBC report.

When you consider that $20 billion dollars was invested in the oil and gas industry activity in Calgary during 2012, it’s not surprising there was no mention of human caused climate disruption in this report.

Onward with courage.



Ed: B. Bemel


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2 Responses to “Nature Sends a Message: Massive Flooding in Calgary.”

  1. Mark Ledbetter says:

    Is Mother Nature really sending a message to oil execs here?

    Religious fundamentalists said AIDS (and many other things) were a message form God about gay rights. Some people have said the tsunami was a warning to Japan to stop killing dolphins. Last year, lots of people thought the hurricane that hit New York was a warning about global warming even though a number of bigger hurricanes have hit the area in the last few hundred years.

    I'm pretty leery of messages from God and Nature. Not impossible (at least from nature, anyway), but I'm leery. It's just too easy to see God and Nature on your side of various agendas.

  2. samitee says:

    From the Wiki:

    The largest flood of British Columbia's Fraser River on record occurred in May 1894.
    The second largest Fraser River flood occurred in 1948.
    The 1950 Red River Flood was a devastating flood that took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on May 8, 1950.

    Just a few examples of floods that occurred when CO2 levels were well below 300ppm. People back then didn't blame those floods on climate change. Floods happen, fires happen. Hurricanes happen. To claim that they are happening more often and that they are worse because of man made climate change is a claim that has no basis in fact.

    To claim that it's mother nature sending a message to the oil industry is akin to blaming bad weather on the witches of Salem.