June 18, 2013

The Superhero Pickup Move.

Underoos: I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours! 

Did you have some back in the day?

They were special superhero undergarments.

I had Superman Underoos because they were exactly what the real Superman wore. And, if you ever stopped to look at Superman’s outfit, he dressed like a drunk queen escaping from a pawn shop in the rain.

Big red booties, tight blue spandex jumper, cape for warmth and red underwear over the jumper.

I saw the new Superman movie on Monday and must say, Superman has a new look and it is BAD-AS$.

But the story is largely the same.

You know exactly what’s gonna happen…

…Superman struggles to step into his power…

…Superman overcomes his enemy…

…Superman avoids the kryptonite…

…Superman saves the world!

And yet, we love the retelling of these famous stories over and over and over again.


Because as Joseph Campbell writes, these superhero stories are largely symbolic myths intended to reveal your personal relationship to power.

So many of us spend our lives shoring up our weakness, staring at our insecurities, weighed down by our own Kryptonite.

That being said, we all have within us amazing power…a Superman layer hiding beneath.

I’ll Show You Mine if You’ll Show Me Yours

I can tell you my strength is encouraging you to focus on what’s awesome in your life.

I do so by throwing a dance party in your mouth (i.e. Yoga + Chocolate) as a means of quieting your mind and seducing your heart.

My kryptonite is trying to build a fancy business around my life. It just weakens me and makes everything too complicated.

Straight for the heart or bust!

Bust is the key word here.

What makes these superhero stories so enduring and pop-savvy is the way these superheroes bust loose from their weakness.

In order to become Superman, Clark Kent rips open his shirt, tears off his outer layer and BOOM!

What is your superhero move or signature saying that unleashes your power upon the world?!

Whether it’s the right handed double splash, or feigning ripping off your shirt (aka Superman), or pointing to the sky to show your faith, we all need our move.

If this is not something you currently do, maybe it’s time to add a little color and pizazz to your spiritual life!

Here’s why:

Because it’s way more fun to believe, than not to believe!


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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