10 Years From Today.

Via Gabbi Magana
on Jul 22, 2013
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Path, Woods Hole, MA

“If, in 10 years, you were to look back at your actions of today, what would you change? Always be asking yourself in terms of your goals and how you want to live.”

~  Craig Ballantyne

Think of who you want to be when you have traveled 10 years. Make that person proud and do the things you love today. Do not take things seriously and have fun. There is only one life.


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About Gabbi Magana

Gabbi Magana thrives on being alive. Her great companions are her family and her 16 year old dog. She enjoys to express her experiences through the art of writing and painting. She is studying to become an American Sign Language Interpreter. When she is not imagining her own world, she is reading about others on the pages of a book. You can connect with her on her blog or Facebook.


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