July 15, 2013

Statue of Mr. Rogers gets (Yarn) Bombed. {photo}

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Great Reddit comment re damage yard might cause: “This can actually cause a lot of damage to the statue. The industrial dyes used with wool often contain high pH chemicals, which exposed to rain will catalyst a reaction of dissolution affecting both the wool and stone’s structure, transferring the color molecules into shallow layers of the statue’s surface.”

Another great comment re this “modern” style as failure to honor: “There are numerous statues around Pittsburgh made in this horrifying, igneous rock like style. I have no clue why we decide to commemorate people this way. Millenia from now another civilization will happen upon these monuments and think we were a culture that worshiped rock demons.”

That said, we all make mistakes:

Bonus: (click here to find out who’s statue got yarn-bombed).

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