July 3, 2013

This July 4th, remember the real meaning of Patriotism.

Viva America.

Peace, Solar Eclipse, the 4th of July, & the real meaning of Patriotism.

Someone asked Confucius, “Master, why are you not engaged in the government?”

Confucius said, “What does the Shu Ching (The oldest of the Chinese classics) say about piety? ‘Oh, filial piety. Nothing but filial piety!’ If one is filial, one is able to show brotherly love. If these qualities can be maintained in a family, they will also be exercised in governing. Why must one be engaged in the government?” The government of a state depends on the regulation of the family. When a ruler acts as a father, a son, and a brother, he becomes a model, then the people will follow his example. ~ I ching

God bless America. God bless Waylon who asked me to write about the real meaning of patriotism. What a request ~ but then we are talking about Waylon Lewis. The embassador of Elephantjournal.com The independent Boulder dhamma brat.

July 4th, The United States of America celebrates independence.


To be independent means to take care of yourself, making your own rules and providing for your own needs. I am independent; You are independent also. We all are really, at some time or the other. Moment by moment, sensation by sensation.

Interestingly enough, this celebration motivates a massive amount of people to gather and enjoy friends, fireworks, a beer, party, cooking outdoors in the grill, listening to music, loving family. Everybody in America celebrates it. We all love independence. No Government. A sustainable kind of government. The government of the self. And because we like independence we let a select group of people rule the world for us. And relax. Cooperate. Help others. Be happy.

Beautiful is the way that culture embraces life through celebration and music. In México, on independence day, September 16th, we all gather at the plazas in the evening, eat, walk, listen to music and at 11 pm everybody yells Viva México! and has a drink in joyful celebration of life and enthusiasm for being Mexican, for the fights that were fought to settle freedom. What I know about patriotism is fundamentally love for the land, for the parents, for the grandparents, for the sons and the daughters, for the future as a nation, as a race, as people. Love for my country. Love for my family, and the trees, and the flowers, and the butterflies and the rocks and the water, and the volcanoes, and the mountains, and the underground caves, and the pyramids.

Love for peace. No more fighting.

Love for America feels the same to me. For the America that is in America that is. Because there is an America who is out there in other people’s land, armed with guns, making war. Where is the love?

Love for the world is what the real meaning of patriotism is.

Love for the Whole Universe. One Universe  where Love is what makes us, moves us, speaks to us, takes care of us, unite us. Love Love Love.

The rest is pure fanaticism. But what would we do without fans? Eat more ice cream.

Cheers and chill because a solar eclipse is happening soon. We are in the vortex between the past full moon eclipse and the coming Solar Eclipse. There is a frequency of acceleration and healing. Fast change. Imagine. Can you feel it?

On Sunday, 2010 July 11, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses Earth’s southern Hemisphere. The path of the Moon’s umbral shadow crosses the South Pacific Ocean where it makes no landfall except for Mangaia (Cook Islands) and Easter Island (Isla de Pascua). The path of totality ends just after reaching southern Chile and Argentina. The Moon’s penumbral shadow produces a partial eclipse visible from a much larger region covering the South Pacific and southern South America.

Think about what patriotism really means to you and sit to meditate while the solar eclipse is happening. Walk away from independence for perspective and walk back torwards it with a patriotic view. What do you feel?

What we all  mistake about patriotism is that which divides us. Real patriotism is that which unite us in love for the land and its people in the entire world. Strive to be independent of yourself. Learn to observe your attachment to what surrounds you and declare independence from any vice of character that creates negativity or animosity towards others. Be light, enlighten your understanding of what patriotism means and love the world entirely. The whole world. Everybody.  Breath and remember that he who forgives ends the quarrel. No more fighting.

God bless America. And you, and I.

Happy 4 of July!


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