10 Ways Yoga Improves Your Dating Life.

Via Sarah Ezrin
on Aug 20, 2013
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Yoga improves all aspects of our lives, both on and off the mat.

Here are ten ways yoga improves your dating life. Who knew Patanjali had as much insight into dating as Carrie Bradshaw?

1. Yoga makes you more attractive.

More powerful than the “yoga butt” is inner beauty. Yoga is an inside job and couplewhen one is doing the spiritual work, their light shines brightly.

2. Yoga helps you make better choices.

Those who practice regularly have noticed the natural sloughing off of things that no longer serve, such as certain foods (like meat) or old habits. Yoga also encourages “right relationships” so we choose to be close to people who encourage our growth and support us.

3. Yoga teaches the importance of breath.

Breathing creates space between our reactions and thoughts and is a great way to allay any anxiety that may pervade the dating process. It also allows for clearer decision-making.

4. Yoga has a built in dating pool.

While I’m not condoning picking up someone in the middle of asana class, the yoga community is filled with like-minded spiritual people and there are lots of opportunities, such as festivals and kirtans to meet that special someone.

5. Yoga encourages positivity.

Pratipaksha bhavanam means taking a negative event and finding the positive aspects. So even after a not-so-good date, yogis are able to see the positive side. For example, although the person was not a love match, they could become a new friend.

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6. Yoga makes you more flexible.

Through the practice of non-attachment, yogis are able to go with the flow, making them flexible both outside and in.

7. Yogis live from a place of abundance.

Yoga teaches us that the world is an abundant place. If it doesn’t work out with one person, you will meet someone else.

8. Yoga teaches to trust and surrender.

There is a greater plan at work and although we may not get what (we think) we want, there is something incredibly liberating in trusting in a broader plan where we are taken care of and all is well.

9. Yoga teaches presence.

Relationships can bring up old stuff and trigger fears, which is why it is so important to remain grounded and present.

10. “Practice, practice and all is coming.”

Also known as duty-dating, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs in order to find your prince or princess. But each date that doesn’t work out brings you closer to the one that will. Keep practicing, keep dating; that special person is coming.

Dating is not dissimilar to a yoga practice.

There are moments of ease and moments of difficulty. It can feel exceptionally good or it can be extraordinarily uncomfortable, sometimes even simultaneously.

New relationships push people out of their comfort zones.

And our work as yogis is to remain steady through the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that arise, so we can digest and process whatever is coming up and come out the other end clear and open to receiving love.

Hmm, sounds a bit like king pigeon pose to me.


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About Sarah Ezrin

Sarah Ezrin, E-RYT-500, is an energetic and humorous yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. With a profound love of travel, Sarah runs around the globe leading teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats. She is a writer and regular contributor for many publications. A background in psychology and life coaching infuse her classes, which are dynamic and alignment-based. For Sarah, yoga is beyond the postures; it is about connecting to one’s brightest and most authentic Self. Life should be spent laughing with those we love and doing the things we most enjoy, like yoga! For more information on Sarah please visit her website or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


3 Responses to “10 Ways Yoga Improves Your Dating Life.”

  1. Pranjali says:

    Very powerful article. I am experiencing all of these changes as I am going through big life changing events at the moment.
    The most important lesson is "clear thought processes that enable you to take better decisions." I was lacking this empowerment before I started Yoga. I started it 2 years ago and every time I get onto my mat, I want to explore some unanswered questions and some dark spaces that I can breathe into and find answers to.
    Not to say that this does not make me a bit vulnerable as well. I do cry spontaneously, without holding back but I know that once the tears have flooded out, the mind will be stable and calm again and will go about its business.
    Yoga helps in all relationships, not just dating life. Making good choices, cut out the people and habits that don't serve me and living light and honest.

  2. Thomas says:

    Great article! Unfortunately I can think of one way yoga sabotages your dating life, and in my case anyway it trumps your 10. It's the "I would rather go to yoga class than go on a date" dilemma. 🙂

  3. Aditya says:

    Yoga helps in many things… once u start walking on this path all unnecessary things automatically fall off. However if you are initiated into a process by a master it can do wonders because yoga needs large amount of energy. I have been practicing all 8 limbs of yoga with some special techniques which are known to few. It not only gave me an idea abt my cycles in relationships but it also helped me know people more. And yes once u gain certain mastery over life then nothing can effect you, niether good nor bad… You can find all your answers with awareness. As u become more and more aware things are revealed to you… I can speak on this for hours… this enough for now… All the best…