August 24, 2013

I Love Sex. ~ Shawna Schenk

Sex is the ultimate portrayal of giving and receiving—of balance.

You give your self to another. The other gives him or her self to you. They bask in receiving all that you give. You take from them. This balance enables one to feel the power of giving and receiving at the same time.

Sex is the closest our physical body can be to another’s. It is the closest our souls can be to actually touch.

I believe sex is what happens when two souls recognize each other and yearn to touch; but they can’t, because they are enclosed by a physical form. In this physical body—in our house—the physical plane where the soul resides—there is a restriction for the souls to touch.

So, sex is the act of getting the souls as close as they possibly can.

It is the closest two souls can get to becoming intertwined and lost in to each—to becoming each other, to becoming “soul mates.”

Sex is the definition of oneness. There is no beginning or end between the two. There is only one—one body, one moment, one connection.

Touching another’s skin. Intertwining the arms and legs. Breathing together. Meshing energies. Exchanging what physically makes up you, with what physically makes up them. Affecting each other’s heartbeats. Grabbing. Holding. Feeling. The tongue. The lips. The eyes. The skin.

You become part of the other person. The person becomes part of you.

And in this interaction, when the flow is just right, pure creation of another physical body for another soul can be made.

What is more beautiful, powerful, and important than that?

I love sex.

Sex is what the second chakra, the svadisthana, is all about. This chakra is developed during adolescence. It is physically the region just above the root of the spine to about three inches below the belly button. It effects the soft organs in this region, the hips, and the baby making parts in men and women.

This chakra is known as the “sweet spot.”

Each chakra is associated with an element. This second chakra is connected with water. So this sweet spot is linked to all things watery: orgasms, urine, tears, menstruation, sweat, circulation, blood.

This concept of water is very important for the health of this chakra. Water is movement. This chakra is all about FLOW. Do you move with life? Can you go with the flow? Accept things as they are? Invite emotional movement into your body and soul? Allow sensation and sexual pleasure to move throughout your being? Create?

When we let go, nothing is tense. Everything works.

Unfortunately, we live in a society which forces on us to be tense. Societal notions make us stop the flow of what is natural. I never had the “sex talk” growing up because “sex is bad to talk about.” So it was ignored. A dog humps a tree and that’s offensive. A girl says she loves sex, and she’s a slut.

Porn is a multi-million dollar industry; so is impotence. Yet, who talks about these things? If we do, it’s considered, “dirty” or “gross” or even “funny.”

Think about the connotation of those words. It’s so negative.

To the world, sex is something we keep to ourselves. It’s only publicized in a way that degrades or offends. The flow—all that this chakra stands for—becomes largely affected. People become stuck.

When people are stuck, there is a deficiency of this chakra—this brings fear of pleasure, being out of touch with feelings, being resistant to change, having sexual problems, and/or physically having discomfort in the low back or hips.

How can you have an orgasm when you are worried or tense? How can you connect with a soul without movement? How can you create when you aren’t free?

We’ve all heard about couples who try and try for years to have a baby. They just can’t create. Then, they agree to adopt—go through the adoption process and get pregnant along the way. Why does this happen? There is finally acceptance and surrender. There is finally flow.

The opposite can happen too. This is when the sweet spot is excessive. There is a such thing as being too free. Flowing without thinking. When this is the case, overly emotional behavior sets in. Because there’s too much flow, this person is in constant need for pleasure. This leads to addictive behavior whether in terms of sex, food, alcohol, drugs, or whatever. When a person is excessive in this chakra, they typically have poor boundaries.

The prescription for this chakra relates to hip opening postures like pigeon and bound angel pose. Seated twists to detoxify the stigmas associated with “sex” and its energy in society will help areas of fluidity that are stuck. Orange is the color made by this vibrational energy source so inviting this color in to your life will create balance for this second chakra.

Most importantly, invite the sweetness in to your life. Eat sweet foods. Be around sweet people. Be a sweet person. Flow with the needs of your sweet spot.

Don’t be afraid to flow, while being conscious of your “free”-ness. Know that it is okay to say you love sex, too.

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 Asst. Ed: Tawny Sanabria/Ed: Sara Crolick


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