If We Said If. {Poem}

Via Elana Temple
on Aug 23, 2013
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If crashes and natural disasters did not occur,
there would be no need for recovery specialists, aid workers or humanitarian relief

If crimes were not committed,
what reason would there be to employ parole officers, lawyers or judges?

If feeble children and the elderly were impenetrable, immune to all diseases
then doctors and nurses would not be necessary

If there were no scandals, conspiracies or controversies,
there would be no news for journalists, publicists or anchormen

If human beings did not have feelings, problems or concerns,
there would be no work for therapists, psychiatrists or psychoanalysts

If skin imperfections and facial deformities were never an issue,
then there would be no use for dermatologists or facial reconstruction surgeons

But there are imperfections, problems, tragedies and emergencies
And in some sense,

trainers rely on obese patients and out-of-shape people
dentists look forward to seeing patients with cavities, in need of root canals caused by sweets, cracks and decays
psychiatrists welcome problems—separations, divorce, depression and anxiety,

district attorneys wait anxiously for their newest client with a grand theft or assualt and battery charge
tutors need children whose English literature and American history grades are less than sufficient
and breast implant and augmentation surgeons sheepishly smile as another insecure, small-breasted girl signs the papers prior to her surgery

For without them, there would be no work, no profit.
It’s a distorted and perhaps morbid, yet interesting way of looking at things,

If you looked at it this way.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise


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