August 16, 2013

Let’s Be Like Magnets. ~ Erika Ward

Let’s be like magnets.

The good kind of magnets.
The kind that want each other.
Even if it’s not forever.
Even if something or someone temporarily tears them apart.
The way we used to when we were small.
Remember how they found their way back.
They allowed, they followed, they didn’t fight the pull.
We could do the same. We could feel the pull.
We could be the pull.

(I want to fearlessly fall into your being, face first and smiling)

Let’s get weird together.
The weirder the better.
Wonderfully wacky and whimsically bizarre
as we play in the often off-limits.
You know, the way we used to,
before they shamed us and stripped us, painted us vanilla.
Today I stood over an open garbage pile for several minutes
and reveled in the sweet nostalgic scent of a bologna sandwich on white bread.
I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.
We could remember how to do this. We could remember because it’s easy.
We could live out loud.

(I want to cartwheel through the absurdity, through the secrets that they keep, laughing at the secrets that we don’t)

Let’s have a conversation.
Not just any conversation.
A conversation full of inquiry, exploration, mystery.
One that we used to have, only after smoking, under the stars,
on the deck, after everyone else had closed their eyes to the night.
Those stoned conversations.
We could have them now.
We could have them sober.

(I want to speak to you, with you, from a sacred spot uncharted and unfrequented)

Let’s live in a different place.
A place that is human, a place that is intimate,
a place that is fully our own.
A place that supports the uncomfortable, gives way for the ugly,
calls out the awkward, invites the itchy.
And then holds it all in a loving embrace.
Oh how we used to run from it, at full speed,
in the direction of all our noxious toys.
There is a sign hanging in an outdoor room of beauty that says
“Let Real Things Happen To You.”
We could do that.
We could live there.

(I want to tattoo those words onto my skin so you’ll always see them.

So I’ll always see them)

Let’s meet in another realm.
A realm where dreams are not dreams but truths.
A realm where magic is the rule and not the exception.
A realm where anything can happen, will happen, does happen.
We used to occupy this realm, way back before you were you and I was me.
It’s still there. It’s waiting for us in every moment, waiting for our return.
We could be there.

We could be out there in the ether.

We are the ether.

 (I want to dive into the darkness of uncertainty with you. I want to fly freely and gracefully, knowing we are home)

Let’s be real with each other.


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Assistant Ed: Gabriela Magana/Ed: Bryonie Wise

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Terri Aug 16, 2013 7:37pm

I love this so so so so much! It really touched my heart and I heard your words with complete understanding, creating beautiful imagery. Thank you for sharing this piece!

Deanna McMurtrey Aug 15, 2013 9:19pm

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Thank you.

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Erika Ward

While Erika has spent a lot of time in this life fighting the labels and boxes she may or may not fit into, as of late she has relaxed into identifying as an actor/writer/artist/someone who is often woken up in the middle of the night by the urge to create something. You may have heard her voice on TV, radio or various other places where you hear voices. She can usually be found talking to “strangers” in coffee shops in between analyzing characters, writing stories and drawing with gel pens and Sharpies. She lives in Los Angeles but leaves a small piece of her heart wherever she travels. Connect with her through her website.