August 16, 2013

Where’s the “Me” Hat? ~ Gabbi Magana

Have you taken a look at all the hats you’ve been wearing lately?

Well, perhaps you haven’t realized it yet, but behind your computer screen where you are sitting, working—or well, reading this—there is a whole stack of hats you wear every day.

Probably the most worn out would be the job hat.

You wear this during the week and sometimes on weekends too. Even if you’re not at the office; like those times when you keep thinking on that project you have to work on or the meeting you had to attend to last week. This one is so stubborn and is so hard to take off, even when you are trying to clear your mind for that beautiful chant that you are finally going to get this time.

Then, there is the parent hat.

Oh my, if there is an award for the most laborious, intricate and beautiful hat, this one would get the prize. If you are a mother or father, you know just how big, yet proud this hat is to fashion and show around. Even when you think you got all its styles figured out, it surprises you once more, after all this time and gives you one more surprise.

If you are not a parent, then you must be either a daughter or a son, which should give you an idea of what this hat means, mainly because you might be the cause of all its shades of color and decorations this hat carries with it. That gets me to the next hat.

The sibling hat.

I have to admit this one particular hat has a place among my favorites. You get to wear it with the confident outfit, most certainty with the most colorful and unexpected accessories. In many cases, this hat goes well with the friend hat. It is such a comfortable accent to your outfit, you can feel totally at ease when you wear it. Which, brings to my mind another one.

Who does not have a friend hat?

I’m sure you have had many of those hats along your journey. Some of these hats get out of fashion pretty quickly, others you wear them on special occasions but there are those others that stay there no matter the passing of decades.

Let’s not forget the party hat.

Yes, you’ve had one or two of these, even if you forget about them the day after. Like those days when you feel so exhausted from all the hard work and responsibilities you have get throughout the week, that you feel like wearing this fun party hat. Or probably a birthday or anniversary; there is always a good reason to celebrate!

And wait, did you see the lover hat lying around too?

This is probably one of those hats you haven’t worn in quite a while now. Do you remember how it feels like to wear it around town? To have it available for those moments when you most need it? Do you give it the importance it deserves? This hat is so versatile because it goes with all the other hats you have. Nevertheless, it is different from the Me hat.


Where and what is the Me hat?

Yeah, there is one hat that has your essence in it. Probably it’s hidden underneath all those other hats you wear so proudly day by day. Maybe is right there on the surface just waiting to be picked. Maybe it is so buried deep down that is starting to lose its color. But believe me when I tell you it is there.

Take a few moments to think what that hat looks like, how many colors it has, if it is as beautiful and decorated on the inside as well as on the outside. This one probably has a little bit of all the hats you are used to wear in your day, but when you put this one on, it should feel like a brand new one, apart from the rest of them; because it is so much more.

If you find it lying around you, almost forgotten for the passing of time, then get it out, embellish it with all those new colors and characters you have discovered ever since that last time you wore it.

If you just can’t find it, get out and try a bunch of hats until you find that one unique that fits your head and yours only. Try that one ice cream flavor you’ve been curious about, i might be your new favorite; try boulder accessories next time you dress up, they might give you that extra sense of edginess that you’ve been wanting to feel; look up interesting classes near you, probably a writing/reading club, a new style of yoga or even skydiving lessons?

It might take you a long scented bubble bath to think this one out. It might take you a get away to the hat store, trying out different colors, fabrics even flavors, but you will find the right one.

Start making a list of all those things you used to love to do when you were a kid, the things that move your present self. You will find clues where to start looking for that precious hat between those words.

Don’t take too long because the world needs to see that hat being rocked by you!

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Ed: Sara Crolick

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