Don’t Let Me Forget. ~ Julie Garcia

Via Julie Garcia
on Sep 4, 2013
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life is simple

I believe in simple things.

In kisses on both cheeks, handclaps during songs, giving what you can and that there is magic, even here.

I believe in forgetting the meaning of defeat and in talking about everything,

I believe in reading banned books, in writing until your fingers cramp, in learning to be brave and growing and never stopping, not ever.

I believe in solitude and idealism.

I believe that temporary insanity is something everyone goes through a time or two, that you should never betray someone or take away their faith in love on purpose and that everyone has a story.

I believe in loving with everything you’ve got, that some things are so bad they’re good and that there is nothing more attractive than good conversation, vulnerability, and bright-eyed wonder.

I believe that everything has it’s own pulse and that you should never, ever, ever give up.

But we make it so complicated sometimes.

We make it about judgement.

We make it about systems and schemas.

We try to make it about what music you like and what shoes you’re wearing and how you cut your hair.

But it all comes back down to simple things

Sweat. Sounds. Heartbeats. Bruised shins. 

Don’t ever let me forget it.

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About Julie Garcia

Julie Garcia believes that every living thing is entitled to common courtesy and decency and that people are mostly good, mostly misunderstood, mostly terrified and beautiful. She is a lover of the written word, bursts of passion and bright-eyed wonder. She believes that if at the end of day, all she has to show for herself are millions of scribbled words and too many memories to hold onto, she’ll feel utterly accomplished. She’s also certain that your story matters and would love to hear it. Connect with Julie on facebook.


One Response to “Don’t Let Me Forget. ~ Julie Garcia”

  1. I'm so lucky to know you and I will always be dumbfounded that we're best friends. I love your heart, your sweet spirit and your fervor to document the beauty that is life. <3 I love you like the stars above.