September 8, 2013

The Bigger Picture. ~ Conny Lechner

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A close person of mine once said: “If you think only about yourself, you have problems, if you think about other people, you have duties.”

We are constantly facing challenges and struggles in our daily lives.

We try our best, but still we are faced with roadblocks. We are forced to overcome obstacles, especially in times when we think we have everything under control. Bam —the next difficulty is around the corner and needs our focus and attention to find a solution.

It’s the natural way of life. There is no exit here.

If we are able to embrace theses challenges and see them as possibilities of growth. If we shift our perspective not to see the challenges that arise as making our lives harder, but rather see them as lessons and be thankful for these new opportunities to learn, then we are able to see another approach to these kind of struggles.

We are able to transform them into something positive and something that has a much greater meaning.

We always have the freedom to decide how we react to them, even in a very painful and difficult situation. As I wrote in one of my previous articles, we are not hardwired.

We may not always understand some of the situations we find ourselves in, and we may even try to fight against them.

I believe that our Ego is not able to understand the bigger picture, so one possibility is to practice faith. By having faith, we acknowledge that there are things and phenomena we may not be able to understand or control immediately.

However, as time passes and obstacles are overcome, you may then look back and be able to understand why these painful circumstances arose in the first place. Now, everything makes sense.

Therefore it is important to practice letting go, without hopes, fears and expectations.

Believing that this moment right now is the right one saves calmness and strength. The here and now has everything that is needed to move forward.

If we see not only the goal but also the journey, many more circumstances begin to make sense. If we are able to keep a positive mental state and distance ourselves from our Ego, we are able to experience space and freedom.

To shift your perspective now and then and to wish the best for all beings gives you a wider view on life, and you won’t lose yourself in your own film, which is quite limited compared to the world and the universe as a whole.


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