October 28, 2013

7 Fabulous, Fantastic, Fun Fall Date Ideas.


Autumn is my favorite season and it’s the perfect time for cuddling your nearest companion on a cozy evening.

Here are seven date ideas for keeping it fresh, flavorful, and fun through the fall.

1. Hike, Bike, Drive Through the Changes

So many trees, yet so little time to see them all shed those beautiful leaves; whichever method you pick, this is guaranteed to be a gorgeous occasion.

2. Find Fruit

Travel to an apple farm and pick a bucket of them right from the trees. There are so many treats to make from them later together from cider to sauce to butter to pie.

3. Patch it Up

Head over to a local pumpkin patch and pick out a favorite. These places often have other fall-esque activities to try like corn mazes and hay rides that are beautiful explorations on a crisp day.

4. Haunted Houses

Nothing will make you get as close as hanging onto each other through a hair-raising scream fest. There are scientific studies that reveal when you’re with someone in a situation where an adrenaline rush occurs you bond to them much quicker. So get scared and then get all lovey-dovey, a perfect fall combo.

5. Game Night

Maybe it’s just to chilly or drizzly to want to leave home, there’s nothing wrong with making a nice cup of chai or some spiked cider while throwing on a favorite record and jamming out while putting together a jigsaw puzzle or playing Uno.

6. Wine Together

Local tastings are a fun way to sample different flavors and get a bottle to share later over a nice bowl of pasta or for sipping slowly by the fire while reading aloud chapters of your favorite books.

7. Park it

This is where one can really show off some major talent via visiting a local park. Test each other’s swinging skills; see who can climb a tree the fastest; play Frisbee, bring a blanket and have a picnic.

So, put on a bulky soft sweater and grab your nearest lover for some memorable Autumn adventures.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

{photo credit: Adam Pomerinke)


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