October 25, 2013

Break the Mold: Be Free. {Video}

Why not be brilliant, even if it means upstaging others?

Why not be truthful in our expressions, taking risk with complete surrender, just like this little girl at her tap dance recital?

She embellishes the choreography, makes it her own—we can see the joy in her movements.

We can appreciate the hard work and precision of the girls standing near her. How focused they were at executing their dance, and even when things might’ve gotten distracting for them the other little girl to her right, stayed completely focused, on point, even angelic in her appearance, doing what any dance teacher would love to see, a dancer performing exactly what they’ve been taught, to ones best ability.

We can choose to do our best, we can even be perfect at it, take in what we learn, do it brilliantly; or we can opt out of what we are “supposed to do,” and break the mold.

I speak as a former dancer; majoring in dance in college, I did everything as taught, as perfect to my ability. As I look back, I wish I had had more fun with it. I wish I had been less concerned with being perfect and more concerned with having finding the joy in what I was doing.

Not everyone can be a perfect dancer, but we can be perfect at being ourselves.

Let’s move through life being both brilliant and breaking our molds—living as our most authentic selves, free as we’re meant to be—with every step of the way; or rather in this case, with every shuffle ball change.

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Ed: Sara Crolick

{video used with permission; all rights reserved to Randall Burns}

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Krista Oct 29, 2013 4:42pm

Personally, I don't feel that this little one's performance was disrespectful at all. But we're all entitled to our opinions. Let's keep in mind how very young they all are. She embellished the choreography, and that does take talent, stole the show with her exuberance, because of her authenticity and her enthusiasm for this particular piece. I viewed other pieces with the same dancers and she was performing the same as the others, but in this particular piece she is so truly full of love of dance, performing, and the heart and history of tap dance. To me, she was anything but disrespectful. In honor of the other dancers that performed exactly as taught I gave them their props, and well deserved, they deserved it. But I believe this footage would not have been massively shared had they ALL did what they were taught. This is a unique showing of the innocence of a child loving movement for movement sake and also, as a former dancer, she gave the audience a memory to cherish and with the uniqueness of her performance, it was refreshing. Seeing a child so confident on stage at such a young age, performing like a true tap dancer which the history of tap is exactly as this little one captured, a portrayal of spontaneous movement, that upstages another, feeding off one another, and she captured, truly, the heart of tap, without her even consciously knowing it. Blessings.

DudeFromMaui Oct 27, 2013 1:27pm

Yes, it is great to be free, and also we should be aware of how we affect others. Getting so caught up in your own dance that you forget to share the stage with others, that we forget to keep beat with the others, that we disrupt the harmony with the people around us, is something best left for children and the childish. Personally, I think that little girl's display was quite disrespectful to the hard work that everyone else put in. She stole the show, not with talent, but simply by making a scene. I don't think that's a laudable ideal. Do you?

Krista Oct 25, 2013 7:24pm

Thank you for reading and posting. Have fun, doing whatever you're meant to do. Blessings.

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Krista Katrovas

Krista Katrovas has had over 27 articles published in nationally recognized magazines. She teaches Yoga in Prague, Czech Republic every July and calls Kalamazoo, Michigan Home, Sweet, Om, where she teaches and practices Yoga, Spirituality, Shamanism, and pursues writing. She can be reached at her website.