Stammering boy learns to speak (to entire school) when teacher uses method he saw in “The King’s Speech.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 25, 2013
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“Stammering teen learns to speak when teacher uses method he saw in ‘The King’s Speech’. Ends up delivering a speech to his school.” {Heartwarming Tearjerker}

“Educating Yorkshire – Musharaf overcomes his stammer.”


I just cried like a baby, and I’m a bit emotionally stunted, generally. From being bullied and rarely attending school, with its inevitable insecurity, depression and social isolation…to this. The difference a teacher makes.

Full episode:

For more:

“You’ll cry, you’ll cheer – watch as Mushy finds his voice in Educating Yorkshire’s final show.”

Via Reddit:

“Many things on Earth are valuable; a caring and inspired teacher is amongst the foremost.”


I would recommend the book “Self therapy for the stutterer” by Malcolm Fraser to all severe stutterers.


Here is an article written by Musharaf Asghar about his stammering

Nice little quote 🙂

I thought Mr Burton was a genius until he lent me The King’s Speech afterwards, and then I realised he just copied that other man!


Had a teacher like this in high school, he truly inspired me to better this world not only for myself, but others. He was awarded with People’s Top 5 Teacher of the Year Award.

Here is the article about him.

Brian Copes, a pre-engineering teacher at Calera High School in Calera, Alabama.

Copes has just one rule for his pre-engineering students: “I want them to realize there’s a world outside of themselves,” he says, “and their job is to make the world a better place.” So last summer, Copes took 10 of his students to Honduras, where they fit 14 amputees with artificial legs the students had built from Toyota Corolla Parts. “For many of them, it was their first time out of the country, and certainly the first time they ever went to a third-world country,” says Copes, who is planning another trip for this summer. “After the first amputee was fit with a prosthetic, one of my students ran up to me shouting, ‘It’s a miracle! It’s a miracle!’ That’s when I knew the lesson had been learned.”

Now his is doing Prosthetics for Wounded Warrior.

Many more comments with great advice on how to get through stammering in this here Reddit discussion.

Bonus: wow. The Real King’s Speech:


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2 Responses to “Stammering boy learns to speak (to entire school) when teacher uses method he saw in “The King’s Speech.””

  1. Linda V. Lewis says:

    Let's toast the power of music and a teacher or tutor's willingness to find a way to help!

  2. Enna says:

    I watched this last episode of Educating Yorkshire. It was indeed, very emotional! Have the tissues ready if you watch it! Musharaf came across as an extremely brave young man. The teachers were inspiring and clearly go that extra mile. I must admit, I did think ” just because it worked for the king, doesn’t mean it will work for him”! What a surprise when it did! I teach 4 year olds and it made me proud to be a teacher……at a time when teachers in England feel very unapreciated!! We work hard to foster young children’s well being and to help them believe in themselves.