November 26, 2013

3 Life Lessons Learned From Baby Turtles. ~ Evan Silberstein

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

1. Trust your instincts.

These little creatures have an amazing biological urge to merge with the ocean. They know exactly where they want to go. They don’t need directions. No practice necessary. They follow their instinct despite having never swum before and without a clue about what awaits them on their long journey into the ocean. When was the last time you trusted your inner knowing despite long odds or your logical mind’s incessant warnings? How did it turn out?

2. Be fearless.

Despite their tiny size, these tiny creatures are absolutely fearless, going forth from land into the great expanses of the ocean without doubt or hesitation. They are not worried about how they will defend themselves from predators they will surely encounter; nor do they consider where their next meal will come from. They just go for it! How many of us could benefit from letting go of our fears about the future? Who knows what the next wave will bring? Sometimes, you just have to follow the example of the baby turtle—swim with all your might and let the rest take care of itself.

3. We are not alone

These turtles are hatched in large groups of 80 or more. While humans come into the world mostly one at a time, I cannot help but find inspiration in the power of their collective movement—each unique in their own way and yet somehow united in their urge to swim freely in the sea. Each turtle bound for his own destiny in the unknown currents yet joined in a collective purpose to fulfil their calling to go “home”. Does this sound familiar?

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Assistant Editor: Jamie Khoo/Editor: Bryonie Wise

{Photo via Roberto Verzo on Flickr Creative Commons}

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