November 16, 2013

A Song That Always Gives Goosebumps & Inspires. {Video}

No matter who sings this song, it goes without saying that the artist behind the voice will knowingly create a massive wave of goosebumps in the crowd.

I have heard many different singer/songwriters do their own rendition of “Hallelujah”, and each time, the feelings inside are the same: I cry. I have chicken skin. I tingle all over. I get inspired. I feel incredibly good.

Songs have a way of getting under our skin. They can create enough emotion to wallop us with their words and sound, or motivate us to tackle whatever it was that was sitting in the pending file. “Hallelujah” in particular is that very song that forces us to go to another world.

I feel the same way about “Amazing Grace.” It is not so much the religious overtones, as it is the melody, the words, and what it conjures up inside.

So, drop what you’re doing, pay attention to this magical version, get comfortable, and allow those feelings of whatever you need to wash over you.

When I heard this earlier today, chaos surrounding the full moon tomorrow simply went away. No more discord. No more disagreements with myself, and only love was shining in my heart.

Allowing this song to move me was the best decision I made all day.



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