November 23, 2013

Forget Sephora: Winter Skin Care Samadhi Starts with 3 Homemade Products.

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Until recently, I used to purchase all my skincare items at the local drugstore.

Then I came upon an article about essential oils and their beneficial properties.

The literature posited an interesting suggestion: One could create a skin care routine that was effective, relatively inexpensive, and fun to use, by combining essential oils and items which could also be found in the pantry.

I will admit: initially I thought it sounded like a bunch New-Agey hogwash. Couldn’t a radiant complexion only be obtained by dropping $268 for pricey, wallet-busting cosmeceuticals at Sephora? Who puts straight oil on the skin?

The logic is counter-intuitive.

So, I tried it! And I love it! My skin has never felt softer or lighter—and my wallet has never been heavier!

After a bit of tinkering, I have devised a new skin care regimen for late fall. I am…shhhh!….going to share the recipes.

(A caveat: Essential oils are very concentrated. Some people have allergies or sensitivities to essential oils. Please, please be aware of this. Do not test new oils directly on the face. Test each finished product on a small patch of skin before use.)

Face Oil:

1 oz. avocado oil
2 drops ylang ylang oil
2 drops jasmine oil (Or other essential oils of your choice.)

Place in a small bottle with dropper. Shake to blend. Keep out of sunlight. Use several drops per day for cleansing and moisturizing. You will want to keep this away from eyes.

Face Toner:

a few sprays of rose water after cleansing

Toning and refreshing! Keep in the refrigerator if you desire a cold spray!

Under Eye Cream/ Dry Hand Cream:

one tablespoon of high quality, organic coconut oil
one drop essential oil of your choice (I like geranium or lavender)

Voila! Self-sufficiency never felt so fun!

It is best to purchase the highest grade, organic essential oils and oils possible. (I used Aura Cacia and NOW! essential oils.)


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