November 19, 2013

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 11.18.

Moon is waning (dark half/Krishna Paksha).

The week starts off with Moon in its sign of exaltation, Taurus, and moves through, Gemini, Cancer and into Leo this week. Moon in its mulitrikona placement of Taurus on Monday 11.18 and Tuesday 11.19 and will be in its own sign, Cancer, 11.22 to 11.24, before Moon moves to Leo early evening on Sunday.

Sun has now entered Scorpio and moves to Anuradha nakshatra on 11.19. Ruled by Mitra, and considered “the friendly star”, this nakshatra is concerned with friendship, building support and allies. Mitra is a protector and likes to form alliances and to help give success.

Mars becomes sandhi late in the week on 11.25 in Leo and prepares to transit the gap into Virgo on 11.26. Be conscious of anger and aggression, watch for ego trips (yours and others), expect some frustrations. Plan accordingly.

Utilize my jyoti/creative arts activities as a healing & awareness tool. This week’s Jyoti/Expressive Art Therapy Creative Engagement Activity is centered around support and stability and has us working with the feet.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: This is a time of relating and relationship. How do you relate to your Self? Others? Your environment? Frustrations and delays? Joys and celebrations? What seems to feel supportive and what doesn’t? Transformations are afoot. Pay attention to children this week. Be courageous with your desire for change. Take action steps in order for improvements to manifest.

Taurus: Suddenly you are noticing all the shiny, sparkly objects/humans in your midst. Heart activation in full swing! Some of this ability to “connect” that is surfacing right now will be good for business. Just remember to play by the rules and/or ethical guidelines. Working on boundary issues is still top priority. Right now, you are getting another practice run in with the same old relationship details. Can you bring a new awareness to the same old emotional work? Listen to your gut and watch your diet.

Gemini: Ahh, the lovers come and go. Oh how the lessons enter through the back door. And oh how the new awareness settles in, seeps in, gets digested and assimilated. This is a time of grande awareness Gemini. Your old bag of tricks is getting unpacked and you are (finally) doing the unpacking! Keep lightening your load and taking bold action steps. It’s the road less traveled for you, but carving a new path will be worth it in the long run.

Cancer: Heart expansion, heart contraction. Life feels good, life feels bad. You are happy, you are angry, you are sad. Lesson: find new ways to be in relationship with your emotions. Be with what is, without resistance. Ask your Self in the moments of upheaval “What do I need right now?” and “What part of my Self does not feel safe or supported?” How can you move towards emotional Self-acceptance? This week, take a step forward. Metaphors abound.

Leo: What is the tussle between head and heart here Leo? Running over the same old ground and feeling stuck? It’s a trust issue. But it’s not about the other person—it’s about you. What are you missing here? Turn the lens inward and ask your Self where this lack of courage to trust and feel support is coming from. Don’t use the past to dictate your future. Carve a new path for your Self and be bold with your direction. Take a creative approach to this journey and let your heart swell and swoon a bit. It’s good for you.

Virgo: Should I stay or should I go? Do I expand or do I contract? Do I think big or stay small? Do I dream and desire or be safe and practical? Questions, concerns and worry continue to arise over issues of safety and security vs. taking big leaps of faith. Courage is expanding this month and yet confusion continues to keep you doubting your Self. Act anyway. Action steps are vital to your life force at this time. There is support for you, but it will look and feel different than the past- so keep senses awake. Being still and pausing is also important so you can get all the messages. Speak, express, use your throat to get your needs met.

Libra: The same old lessons are returning and resurfacing. You feel the expansion, then the contraction, and then the confusion sets in. It feels hard to take action when the storms cloud your thinking. But action steps are crucial for movement, change, new options to arise. Think of life as a dance—you are learning some new more graceful foot work right now. Whether a cha cha, a samba or a waltz, or even a free movement flow, use this metaphor to artfully take action. What does your dance look like? What patterns do you see in your footwork? What is the rhythm you are dancing to ? Are you staying connected to your breath?

Scorpio: Rise and shine Scorpio! The spot light is on you! Not time for stage fright right now! Career takes forward strides this week and yet you still feel some discomfort and mistrust looming in the background. It’s the old voice,  that old pattern from past disappointments and heart breaks talking again. What will it take for you to fully feel supported and safe? Certainty doesn’t exist, but you can still cultivate a new relationship with the unknown. I urge you to move into the unknown, the uncertainty with more intention/attention. The best part is, you have full control over your response to it! So some of life is predictable after all.

Sagittarius: Love has set in, is settled in. You see with a bit more rose suddenly. Feeling new possibilities? New options? Heart expanding? This is a time of counting your blessings, finding your gratitude and sharing it with others. Friends and siblings continue to offer support and guidance- but be careful of who and what you listen to. You can trust your instincts now- and should. Don’t second guess your Self. Ultimately love is all there is and love is all you need. Continue to work on digestion and watch your intake of sweets and alcohol. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Find your moderation button and use it.

Capricorn: It’s been a slow few months with a fast and furious edge simultaneously. Your ability to face challenges with courage and bravery has taken a few twists and turns- with a great learning curve alive and well. Let the dust settle and the awareness to set in this week. Notice the pluses and minuses of the past few weeks and months and honor the transformation you’ve been going through. You can allow the acceptance and healing to enter now.

Aquarius: Now is the time to take some action with your career. Some old relationships will help you get ahead. Perhaps a good friend or an older sibling? Challenges arise, but stay awake and willing to take your blinders off in order to get the full meaning from this time. Don’t let the challenges derail you! The lesson here is about trusting your Self more, honoring your needs, and to quit relying on others to have all the answers for you. Step up to the challenges within you and around you.

Pisces: Look for the heart swells this week. Those big internal expansions. Open your heart valves and let this love flow as an offering. Your work is about feeling this constant flow and endless supply with out attachment to outcome. It’s just there. It always is and always will be. Be the channel, the portal for it. Create new pipelines for sharing and offering your natural, abundant supply of love and support. No control or manipulation of others, or of outcomes masked by your own needs and wants. Just love. Love and let go. Love and let go.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise




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