November 20, 2013

Me, Myself & I. ~ Kristin Jackson

You’re always there—looking at me in the darkness of my own thoughts.

You speak, you smell, you taste. You are the beautiful but slowly impending chaos lurking around the corner, waiting to tell me exactly who I am and who I’m meant to be.

You’re the silent voice telling me I am loved but hated at the same time.The ears that hear both acceptance and judging. The smell that smells both putrid and sweet and the taste that is real but is fake.

That voice that says I have to have a dream, to have a purpose. Is it a dream that will finally carry me through reality? “Just be.” Now there’s a voice to work with. There’s a voice who will hand over the key to stumbling across a purpose and fulfilling a dream. There’s a voice I can believe in.

It’s the loud ringing of both craziness and stability that yearns to be embraced. Please take this changeable person and wrap her up and cradle her until she becomes what you need to thrive. Please stop trying to change the changeability, and rather embrace the unpredictability.

You are loved this way.

The earthy smell that is inhaled, carried through the body and exhaled back out, is a life giver. Breathe it out and do so loudly and strong and know that by giving a simple part of yourself, you are giving life to the world who in turn gives life back.

You are needed.

The taste. That sticky, but tantalizing taste of raw emotion seeping from every pore of the body as it works hard to fulfill its daily duties. The taste of energy expended to be perfect. The unwillingness to rest. But…the taste of love. The taste of hope. The taste of change. The emotions that cannot be heard, seen, smelled or spoken, but can be tasted. Taste them as their raw selves, with no flavor or hard labor put into them. Enjoy them. They are perfect.

Your imperfections are what creates your absolute perfection.

Me. You.

That voice, those ears, that smell and that taste, are the perfect gift.

Chosen for me, by me, myself and I.

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Assistant Editor: Daniel Garcia/Editor: Bryonie Wise

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Read 2 comments and reply

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