November 22, 2013

So You Think You Can Yoga? Tutorials with George Anthony. ~ Carrie Stiles {Vhirabhadrasana III—Warrior III}

Vhirabhadrasana III—Warrior III

This pose is easy to do overdo with too much struggle.

Surrender to the balance and keep a focused gaze. You can start with the arms back (airplane) to make leveling your pelvis easier until you build up strength in the pose. Then circle the arms out to the sides and forward.

However, this way of getting into Warrior III is not recommended if you have knee problems. Instead stand with the feet closer, the knee less bent and the body more upright than horizontal. Bring the lifted leg and torso into one line and rotate on the pelvis bringing your torso down on exhale.



George is a freelance Yoga instructor that uses succinct descriptions and perfect timing and pace to explore the practices of Yoga. His approach is clear and sincere. George’s intentions is to help his students discover their own realizations. He encourages hsi students to explore their relationship to their bodies, the world and connect to source.You can learn more about his teaching and events at www.YogaLifeandGeorge.co.


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Photo Credit: George Anthony via Youtube

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