November 21, 2013

Soaring with Eagles. ~ Joli Anne Osgood

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

Recently I sat at a traffic light and watched a swirling flock of starlings swoop and form ever-changing patterns across the backdrop of an ashen October sky. I was mesmerized by the grace, beauty and incredible coordination with which hundreds of these birds moved.

I was reminded of the expression “birds of a feather flock together”. This saying is used to describe how like-minded people tend to hang around each other. It’s the law of attraction in action: like frequencies attract. The good news is that unlike birds, we can choose to change our flock!

If we seek to change our life, we can start by changing our circle of influence.

When a tuning fork is stricken it oscillates. If it is then held closely to another tuning fork that has not been stricken, that tuning fork will begin to oscillate too. The vibration of the first tuning fork causes the second one to vibrate at the same frequency, just by being in close proximity. This demonstrates the principle of resonant entrainment. This is also true for humans. People have been using the expression “birds of a feather flock together” in the English language since the mid 1500s.

Before we had the ability to measure phenomena such as resonant entrainment, we understood the truth about how we are influenced by the people with whom we associate.

Everything in the universe has a frequency at which it is vibrating. We know that we attract vibrations with which we are resonant into our life experience. It makes sense to leverage the universal laws and principles of attraction and entrainment when we desire to deliberately create the reality we wish to experience. And one of the easiest ways we can do that is to choose our flock with wisdom, clarity and awareness.

When we choose to spend time with people who are already experiencing success in areas we would like to improve in our own lives, we greatly enhance our ability to achieve those goals because we are affected by their vibrational frequency.

I find that I am well served to periodically ask myself, “Who is in my flock?” Am I spending time with friends and colleagues whose lifestyles and careers reflect where I am now, or where I want to be? It is worthwhile to reflect a moment and take an honest inventory about who may be influencing our personal vibration.

If you want to be an “A” student, hang around the other “A” students. If you want to write books, hang around authors. If you want to eat a healthy diet, spend time with people who are already doing so. If you want a promotion, connect with people who have a track record of success within your company or industry.

It can be painful just thinking about letting go of relationships with friends, colleagues or even family members that have been characterized by negativity, a lack of balance, or limiting beliefs. I’m not advocating the abrupt cutting of ties with people who may not be bringing out the best in us.

What I have learned from experience is that most of the time it is enough to tend to our own frequency by living joyously, passionately and harmoniously. Being responsible for creating our own happiness and well-being is the most empowering thing we can do.

By consciously choosing to resonate with joy, health, abundance, appreciation and peace, anyone who is not resonant with us will naturally gravitate elsewhere. And as people sort themselves out, we can mindfully choose new associations that will uplift and inspire us as we go about pursuing our spiritual, health, career, educational and financial goals.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I resolve to live a more healthy life and be more conscious every day.

Today I promise to be more thoughtful about the people with whom I’d like to resonate. When I meet new people, I resolve to take the time to be aware of how I feel in their presence. I will listen to my intuition about why our paths have crossed, and be curious about what opportunity is being presented.

I will ask myself if I can possibly elevate someone else—if they are open to that. I am alert and open to connecting with brilliant mentors and teachers. And I affirm my vibrational resonance with the frequency of gratitude: gratitude for the people who can help me bridge where I am now to where I want to be, and for the chance to be that bridge for someone else.


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Asst. Editor: Edith Lazenby/Editor: Bryonie Wise

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