November 23, 2013

Spontaneous Traveling Yogi. ~ Masha Gorodilova {Video}

This video has come about very spontaneously… like my life.

I left Australia in search of yoga, work, teachers and love, without any intentions to come back to Melbourne. Guess what? I found it all!

I traveled without a plan. I followed my Sankalpa (positive resolve/intention to become a traveling teacher) and the Universe provided me with it. Having my heart open, wild and free, really helped me to go with the flow, like a river.

Very organically I ended up in the Czech Republic and was in a video of a sequence, in the morning fog. It made me feel alive and juicy. My men told me:

“Why don’t we travel through Europe and film the same sequence at all the places that we go?”

I shyly said ok.

My first tear dropped when I was teaching in Helsinki (unfortunately not in the video). My co-teacher started singing OM with about 40 students and we all connected. All of my fears of: “I don’t speak Finish, I don’t teach Jivamukti, I am not good enough to be here,” disappeared when I realized that we all want to feel connected and have a sense of belonging. Let it be a yoga community or an OM in the middle of Finland.

Then I set off on a surprised adventure from Lake Como to Monaco. From Saint Tropez to Paris, from Germany to Majorcam; all of it united by breath, connection and flow.

People, stories and opportunities, knock on our doors every day. If we have our heart and mind open and willing, our Sankalpa’s will come true.

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Assistant Editor: Gabriela Magana/Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

{Photo & Video: Masha Gorodilova}

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