November 22, 2013

The Winerack (A Sportsbra Filled with Wine). ~ Laura Ashworth

The Winerack, a sportsbra that holds up to a bottle of wine in its breast cups, not only promotes unconcious consumerism, but promises “lucky” consumers the chance to, “Turn an A cup in to double Ds” (all thanks to the wine’s liquid padding).

Taken from beerbelly.com (the website that sells The Winerack), here’s a video of Anderson Cooper discussing this “What will they think of next, seriously?” product:

Ah, funny and weird and a little bit disturbing, too. Do people buy these? Have any of you bought one? It’s a gag gift, right?

While watching the above video on beerbelly’s website, an instant message popped up at the bottom of the screen. It feels appropriate to end this post with said message (as it concluded my dealings with Beerbelly.com).

Said Message:

Beerbelly Staff:
Welcome to The Beerbelly! I am a real person and can answer any questions you might have. Freedom to the Beverage!
My Reply:
Are you a real person?
No thanks, Beerbelly.
I’m still trying to get rid of a beer belly.
Also, I already wear a D cup.
Beerbelly Staff:
 (Insert sound of cricket’s chirping here.)

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