December 18, 2013

6 Ways to Practice Staying in the Moment. ~ Jasmine Canales

Sometimes, I find it hard to stay connected to what is real in life when regrets of the past or anxieties of the future get the best of me.

It’s an everyday conscious choice to keep moving, yet despite all the noisiness in my head, I always find a way to bring it back to the source of life and creation with the principals I’ve learned from being on my mat.

Practicing yoga has taught me that what is real, is this very moment right here right now.

When I am in Bakasana (crow pose), I am not worried about how I could have done that differently or what I should be doing, I am simply trying to keep my balance and focus on my breath, that’s it.

My practice keeps me asking myself, “Have you checked in with Self today?” Every time I ask myself this question, my breath gets a little deeper, a little less robotic and I can feel the thoughts starting to slow down in my head. In this moment I can appreciate a quaint inner silence and feel, see, listen, experience the rhythm that moves me—my life force, my breath.

We are constantly experiencing life in motion, but are we really living for the moment if we are letting the mind dwell in the past or future?

The only way we can truly live this worldly experience that creates strength for the spirit is to be here in the moment.

Where do you think the saying live for the moment comes from? We simply get the most out of life when we are taking it all in, moment by moment. Just as yoga practice allows us to listen to our breath  and focus on Drishti for balance during asana, yoga will also teach us to use those tools off the mat and truly learn how enjoy the moment in all it’s essence.

Here are six ways that will help you stay in the moment when the mind won’t turn off:

1. Meditation practice

Developing a meditation practice was truly a game changer for me. Ever since I developed a meditation practice I see and feel the difference on the days when I do and do not meditate. I am a lot sharper and in control of my emotions and vibrations when I meditate.

Many people are intimidated by mediation because they don’t understand it—and it’s easy to judge yourself when you are learning how to meditate. Now, we bring in the practice…do not judge, only accept where you are and grow from it.

Try this: find a quiet place where you can be alone (or invite a friend) to sit comfortably on a pillow or blanket. Set a timer for about 2 to 6 minutes (if you are a beginner). While sitting, take a couple deep breaths to relax and then let go of any expectations. Relax your face and jaw, and simply soften all parts of your being (even your skin). Try focusing on a ball of white light in your forehead, but don’t judge whatever else comes to mind, just watch it and let it pass like clouds moving in the sky. Sometimes we pause to look at them trying to figure out what they are and others we just let pass.

After mediating, take note of how your day goes even if just mentally. Then, bump up your time every week. Who knows, maybe you’ll get up to twenty minutes after a few weeks. However long it is doesn’t matter as long as you are taking the time to do so.

When you pray you are speaking to God, when you meditate God speaks to you.

2.  Hang out with your mother!

Ok, while hanging out with your mama may be healing, I’m talking about Mother Nature.

Go take a walk on the beach, and watch the waves, take a nap in the park, or maybe an exhilarating hike is well overdue? Even just stopping to look at a tree outside you are connecting with Nature.

Nature helps us reconnect with what is real; this moment. Birds and trees don’t worry about tomorrow, they just live. When we can pause for a second out of our busy lives to reconnect with our planet we can see all the beauty that resides in it.

Let the wind and rain drift the stress away from your ever abundant life! You deserve it all!

3. Gratitude

Having gratitude in everyday life changes the way we view the world.

Sure, things are not always perfect, but can we accept that life has it’s high and low vibrational moments? Absolutely! By taking the time to mentally take note or write down what we are grateful for, we spend less time worrying about what we lack.

Be conscious of where you are vibrating. Focus on the abundance flowing into your life (not just the abundance of your bank account) and more than likely it will continue to flow. If you are constantly vibrating in the lack, then the flow may be blocked because that is where you are choosing to vibrate.

Vibrate higher in this very moment! What are you grateful for?

4.  Positive Affirmations

I am love. I am happy. I am full of everlasting abundance. These are all positive affirmations that help us appreciate ourselves for who and what we are in this very moment. Positive affirmations raise our vibrations signaling our mind to think the best of ourselves.

When we have a strong sense of Self worth it’s easier to stay out of the negative and grow in a positive state of being.

5. Let go of expectations

If something throughout the day possibly put a damper on your mood, it’s easy to stay there and let yourself continue to feel bad.

Yoga teaches us that when we fall out, it’s ok, move on—or get back into it (pose or routine). Yoga is a practice, as is staying in the moment and finding inner peace. Everyday is different and we can’t expect everything to be honky dory 100 percent of the time. By letting go of expectations we allow ourselves to let go and let flow. When we expect too much of ourselves, others, or the days in general we may always be disappointed. Let go of expectations and feel free to accept what comes your way.

Try to see through the eyes of only love and non-judgement in each situation. Can you?

6. Visualizing Intentions

Picture yourself where you feel most safe and serene. Where is this place? What does it look like? What does it smell like? Is there sound there? See where you would like to be in the moment and breathe that in. Literally, visualize it and then take a deep breath. Happiness is only a memory away.

When you feel disconnected from the moment, or from your Source, visualization can really help move you closer to what is real—love. Maybe there is a funny memory you can think of, or someone that always puts a smile on your face, see them.

Allow yourself to feel safe and happy today! Don’t wait, tomorrow may never come.

All these moment grasping practices have truly helped me in everyday life, and I hope that they help you too.

Vibrate higher in love, in peace!


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