A Watertight Gift for the Writers on Our Holiday Shopping Lists.

Via Jessie Wright
on Dec 6, 2013
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We all know our best ideas come in the shower or bath, and this gift idea is no exception.

As a writer, I love my bath times.

There’s something mesmerizing about the flow of water, the bubbles from my lavender shampoo and being left alone, to think.

Mostly, I contemplate my writings and others’ writings or a combination of words, so I am bursting with a new idea by the time my water has turned cold.

I’ll jump out, hurry through the bathroom door only to find a chorus of questions: “May I have the last of the apple juice,” or “Do you know where I put my keys” and “I can’t find the head to my Lego guy.”

I watch as that lavender bubble of inspiration drifting upwards suddenly bursts.

I try to catch a few words as they fall to the ground, but I am left with only a sigh.

Last night, I came to the answer to all my bubble bursting moments. I found the watertight gift that all writers will want, especially if they don’t already own one.

No, it’s not a room of their own or a bathrobe or a hand written letter (although I’d like that, too).

I want a waterproof notebook.

Simple, right?

No more lavender bubble bursting moments because I can scribble my thoughts down under the shower or while soaking in the tub by candle light with my favorite music playing.

I searched online this morning to find an eco-groovy, Made in America waterproof notebook produced by Rite in the Rain. After stopping by the local art/stationary supply store, I found one and a waterproof pen, too.

Surprised with my luck, I rushed home, turned on the shower water and jumped in to test my new find.

Sure enough, the waterproof quality is fantastic. I scribbled ideas as they flowed out like the water, capturing them before the bubbles burst.

Yes, my friends, the waterproof notebook and pen is a watertight gift for the writers on our holiday gift list.

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About Jessie Wright

Jessie Wright is an artist who grew up as a wild girl in the Sierra Nevada mountains. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Jessie is available as a Creative-Guide-Soul-Seeker-Facilitator for those searching to deepen their writing experiences. Her art, poetry, and writing may be found at Be You Media. Connect with her via Facebook, Twitter, and enjoy her Instagram account (her favorite place to hang out in social media land).   P.S. You can find Jes's most recent poetry book here.


4 Responses to “A Watertight Gift for the Writers on Our Holiday Shopping Lists.”

  1. Jamie Khoo says:

    Yes!!! All the best ideas are in the shower! What a fantastic idea.
    I'll have to post this up and hint to everyone in a big way. Perhaps just stomp up and down and demand it.

  2. Jennifer W-Fields says:

    Genius! I have actually considered placing my Mac on the side of the tub to write while I soak, but thankfully always decided against it. I may just give this to myself for Christmas.

  3. @PaigePSY says:

    Shower, bath… or on the toilet. lol

  4. Fiona says:

    There is not a doubt in mind from what the article is saying regarding bath times. It's definitely a delight to spend time in the bath tub due to its relaxing effect from the sound of the flowing water to the alluring scent of the water. Items such as the waterproof notebook and pen would be a great idea to give to bath-loving people.