Architecture with Intention. {Video}

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Dec 4, 2013
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Photo Credit Tres Birds

Walk the Talk Show With Waylon Lewis

“Buildings with proper intention can have spirit and can change the way people think and work and feel and live and all that …” Mike Moore Founder of Tres Birds 

Waylon talks with his longtime buddy Mike Moore, a leading green designer, architect, and builder who helped Waylon build a railing at Hotelephant out of old bicycle rims , and has built most of the coolest, most creative and eco-est spaces around Boulder and Denver. He rides his bike, he’s a family man, and most importantly he has an amazing beard.

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One Response to “Architecture with Intention. {Video}”

  1. Linda V. Lewis says:

    Hey Waylon, I love your bicycle wheel railing round the back of your home, and really love reclaiming and reusing materials. Check out the Junk Raiders out of Toronto. What they are able to do on a tiny budget is pretty amazing, very inspiring.