December 19, 2013

Art Breath & an Open Heart. ~ Darinka Blagaj {Images}

Being with someone—something—for a few moments can change your entire life process; brings awareness to this moment—right now—not a future moment or a past one.

I make art, I have for almost 3 decades. I make it from presence—in the moment; I walk into each white canvas or paper with just me, the moment I am in.

I choose colour, sometimes an intention, sometimes I just breathe and pick up some charcoal. In any case, I do allow life to flow through me and I have noticed this “being with” is the key to receiving as well as giving.

Take an “art breath” right now. Stop what you are doing and breathe.

Look at the images in this article and let them in. Open yourself to the communication, the being, and this moment of presence.

You can be with a person or a painting or drawing in the same way. It is a special experience to be present, not thinking, assessing, planning, judging, etc.

In the moment. Just stop, open yourself up to “PRESENCE” and this actually allows your heart to flo freely, changing your vibration to a more cohesive structure.

Some would call this magic, this simple act of be-ing. It can be a way of life.

Enjoy the Art and visit my site for more Art Breaths whenever you feel like it.


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