Because Who is Perfect? ~ Melissa Horton {Video}

Via Melissa Horton
on Dec 9, 2013
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Because Who is Perfect

What we perceive as beautiful, free of imperfection, pleasing to our visual sense should continually be challenged.

The world in which we live can prove to be a judgmental place. Take a look at the latest pop culture magazine covers or the mannequins that line storefronts and truly examine what is being presented to us as the picture of perfection.

What is appealing to the eye? Thin, lengthy bodies, long straight hair, proportional limbs, and symmetrical faces.

This video embodies the beauty in each of us based on the simple fact that, size and shape aside, we are perfect as we are.

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Assistant Editor: Melissa Horton/Editor: Bryonie Wise




About Melissa Horton

Melissa Horton was raised in a sleepy Midwest town, and now thrives in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.  A lover of music and an avid writer, first, she has been a financial literacy professional for her entire adult life, starting her own financial planning firm in 2012. She prides herself on helping others envision and ultimately achieve their goals for the future, while keeping a mindful eye on her own passions and voice. In her down time, she thoroughly enjoys listening to tunes, journaling, and spending time with her family and closest friends.  She is committed to giving back to her community, feeding her philanthropic soul by volunteering for non-profits focused on education reform nationwide.  Above all else, she is a proponent for personal growth, both within herself and encouraging others to join the ride. Visit Melissa’s blog or Facebook page.


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