December 18, 2013

Final Proof that Cows are People Too.

There’s so much room for activities!

A few quotes from seeing this gif:

“I think its made me feel bad about eating meat for the first time in my life.”

“I heard cows get depressed when there is bad weather. Now I believe.”

 “I’ve seen this in real life. In most places the cows are moved to a smaller, muddy barnyard or other smaller area for the winter so it’s easier to care for them. They get used to sopping around in the mud for months. Then it turns Spring and they start bucking and running around when they feel grassed ground for the first time in months. It’s awesome.”

Most quotes via Reddit. Photos via Imgur. Video via Youtube, below:

Okay, they’re not people. But they clearly have feelings. Here’s, well, scientific proof:

Happy cows returning to the pasture after a long winter in the cow shed.”

“I miss this from farming – definitely my favourite part of the year is when it gets warm enough in spring to leave calves out for the first time. They go ******* MENTAL, running around pretending to be frightened of things so they have an excuse to run around some more. Goofy bastards.”

Source video:

This is what pure joy looks like, don’tcha think?

Not convinced? “Cows are actually pretty snuggly.”

Anecdotal evidence: “My parents raise cattle with long horns. They have one cow that’s more of a pet than anything else; and had to trim the horns down cause she kept rubbing them for head pats like a cat.”




Relephant bonus video.

Two links to ruin our day, and change our buying habits:

Brutal conditions on a dairy farm.

Dairy cows being tortured for their milk. (the horror starts at about 1:36)

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