December 22, 2013

First World Problems. {Video}

I know there are worse off people than me.

I know there are people that will go hungry today. There will be births and deaths and people will lose their jobs. But sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own life, I forget.

I forget to be grateful.

I complain about traffic. I complain that I have to let my dog out and I am tired.  I complain that I am cold while sitting inside a warm house.

And then I see something like this and I realize this is all so stupid. So then I am grateful for the traffic I drive in because I have a car and a reason to be out and about. I am grateful for my extremely furry dog and his need to play in the rain. I am grateful for a coat and boots and a house.

I am grateful for so much more.

And I am reminded to be present in my gratitude.



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Editor: Bryonie

Photo credits: Feature Image Flickr Creative Commons/article image Pixoto

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Read 2 comments and reply

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