December 7, 2013

Flashes of Love. ~ Jacqui Lalita {Poem}

Some come like lightning…

flashes of fierce love to electrify the night
bursting at the seam with joy,
overflowing with a love so perfect and pure…

Some come like thunder
crashes of passion rumbling across this fragile life
helping us remember the power and potency inside each moment.

Some come like rain
showering our lives with a happiness
we didn’t know we thirsted for,
drenching our souls in joy
quenching our hearts with love
each time we see them smiling.

Some linger like rainbows
streaking their memory across eternity,
painting the sky with a beauty so brilliant,
a life so boldly lived,
one can only tip their heads up and believe…

There is a passageway to Infinity
for souls like this
who blast our tender hearts wide open,
who fill our days with magic and laughter
who teach us the beautiful and difficult lessons
of loving and letting go.

For the ones who come and go too quickly

We shall find you again and again
in the lightning, in the thunder,
in every blade of grass
And again in every flower, moon and wild streak of sun
Go now back to the Infinite
We shall find you in the One.

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Assistant Editor: Cami Krueger/Editor: Bryonie Wise

(Photo: Jacqui Lalita)

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