Food for Healing. ~ Sarah Clark

Via Sarah Clark
on Dec 22, 2013
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Daniela Vladimirova

For five years, I suffered from chronic bladder, sinus and yeast infections.

I had frequent headaches, moodiness, brain fog and days of extreme tiredness (I kept saying if someone would roll out a cot I would go to sleep). Since I naturally have high energy, I could luckily save my naps for the weekend.

I went into early menopause when I was 28 (both of my kids are from donor eggs through IVF), so I was on birth control and hormone replacement therapies for years. Turns out it was probably the Candida that was the cause of my infertility. I had signs of Candida back in my early 20s (I am now in my early 40s), such as acne, dandruff, skin rashes, bloating and vaginitis. I was seeing an urologist and gynecologist to help with my issues.

I always thought my health issues were hormone related, but it turns out I had a yeast overgrowth in my system. After taking a food sensitivity test with my naturopath, I learned I had Candida. Candida is a serious overgrowth of the yeast Candida albicans. It was recommended that I eliminate sugar, gluten, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, corn and chocolate from my diet. I knew I would need to do something, but I had no idea it would be so radical. At that point I was desperate.

I was allergic to many different types of antibiotics, since I was taking them for my sinus and bladder infections. At one point I thought the house was infested with fleas because I couldn’t stop itching. I thought I saw a flea on my dog, so we fumigated the house with flea spray powder. After spraying the house and washing the dog in a flea bath I realized I was allergic to the antibiotics. Oops sorry Sadie (my cute little Bichon Frise), at least you got clean!

I decided to take the recommendations seriously and since I usually do everything full on, I immediately eliminated the recommended foods. The first three or four days were the worst. I had a major sweet tooth and was dreaming of sugar everywhere. I didn’t know what to eat. I thought of food constantly.

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

But once I got through the middle of the first week it started to get easier. My headaches disappeared and I didn’t feel like I needed to go to the bathroom every minute. My sinuses started to clear. My seasonal allergies lessened. Previously, I was very allergic to cats and now I could tolerate cats without breaking out in hives. My bloated stomach disappeared and I no longer looked three months pregnant.

After about one month on the diet I found that gluten, dairy, corn and chocolate really aggravated my system. I would instantly get sinus congestion, my bladder would act up and my stomach would become bloated.

Turns out I had food allergies. This was the underlying cause of my Candida. Who knew? Undetected food allergies are extremely common and can be the root cause of any symptom or illness. There are delayed and immediate reactions. Wheezing, hives and swelling are immediate reactions occurring the moment after consuming the food. These make up only about 10% of food allergies. The vast majority of food allergies occur on a delayed basis – up to four days later. The common allergens are wheat, corn, dairy, citrus, eggs and chocolate.

Everyone asks what is left to eat, and I say I eat the most amazing delicious food. If I knew the act of what I put on my fork everyday could radically change my health I would have done it years ago. As Maya Angelou says, “When you know better, you do better.”

I want to shout it from the rooftop, is your food healing or harming you?




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About Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark is a certified health coach and certified professional coach with accreditation from the International Coaches Federation. She helps people discover that food is medicine and that with diet and lifestyle changes we can achieve optimum health. Her Get Your Groove Back 21 Day Detox targets people with Candida. In 21 days you will discover if you have an underlying food allergy and begin to heal from Candida symptoms including sinusitis, bladder and kidney infections, headaches, acne, constipation, diarrhea, anxiety, depression, abdominal pain and yeast infections.


11 Responses to “Food for Healing. ~ Sarah Clark”

  1. Gerry Ellen says:

    excellent information here! Offering up your own experiences with food allergies gives us the opportunity to seek answers for our own reactions to certain foods. It is tough to give up foods that make us feel good, but in the end it is all worth it. Thank you for this piece. 🙂

  2. Sarah Clark says:

    Thanks Gerry. You are right, it is tough to give up the foods we love. Often the foods we love or crave the most are the ones that are the cause of our health issues. This sucks, but when you figure out your food triggers you begin to heal without the pills.

  3. Debbie vanGrieken says:

    Excellent article! So many Doctors today only treat the symptoms of illness rather than looking for the root cause. Pills are the first thing prescribed and often they can make the situation worse especially those that change the natural balance of the stomach and colon. This usually results in chronic reoccurrence of the illness. Change can be difficult but living with illness or disease is way harder! ! Thanks for sharing your insights Sarah.

  4. Sarah Clark says:

    Thanks for your comments Debbie! I like to say you need a team of healers (doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, health coaches, massage therapists etc). Relying on one healer just doesn't make sense anymore.

  5. Ellie says:

    Sarah, please help. I think I may have this. I'm embarrassed to say, I'm a medical student and have been treating my VERY, VERY recurring cases of candida (6 times in a year at least) with some help from physicians first, but mostly by myself. I never really paid so much attention to it, merely "solving" it whenever it presented itself worse than usual. By this point, I have probably been getting it for about 4-5 years this way. I have also noticed more bloating, more (and worsening) skin problems, and more digestive issues and bladder issues, as well as a general feeling of "heaviness". I need help, but I'm not even sure where to start. I've always wanted to have children of my own, and I'm very afraid that the damage has been done and I will not be able to. Please let me know how to contact you!

  6. so what does your diet look like now?

  7. Samantha says:

    Hi Sarah
    My story is pretty much the same as Ellie’s! Plus I have not had my periods naturally for about 5 years now & ended up taking roaccutane for my acne.
    Is going a strict simple diet the only cure?

  8. Sarah Clark says:

    Hi Samantha, sorry I didn't get your email until now! Feel free to email at [email protected]. I also help couples with fertility issues so I am well versed with periods:)

  9. Sarah Clark says:

    Ellie – for some reason I didn't see this comment until now. Please email me at [email protected]. I can certainly help you.

  10. Alex says:

    When you say chocolate, what do you mean? Chocolate bars from dairy milk style through to 70% agarve syrop organic types? Or anything containing stuff from the cocoa plant, including 100% organic raw cocoa powder?

  11. Sarah Clark says:

    Hi Alex – all types of chocolate – take it out of your diet and then re-challenge. sSee if you notice a reaction.