Have you seen Banksy’s Christmas Card? This isn’t it.

Via elephant journal
on Dec 18, 2013
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Banksy’s Christmas card:

Comment via Reddit: “Jesus was Jewish. Had he gone to Bethlehem now he’d likely be killed soon as he was recognized as one.”

banksy christmas card

Oooh, corrrrection: It’s from 2005 – just an FYI. http://animalnewyork.com/2012/that-alleged-banksy-christmas-card-is-very-very-old/

Nevertheless, “interesting Historical Parallel: The walls of the Warsaw Ghetto.”

For more:

Jesus was white!

Banksy’s Manifesto!



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9 Responses to “Have you seen Banksy’s Christmas Card? This isn’t it.”

  1. Khaled says:

    'He'd likely be killed as he was recognised as one'?? That sounds like a hugely inflammatory comment to share here on Elephant, I am really surprised and disappointed. Hugely assumptive and terribly one sided! It's a real shame you post something so sensationalistic when everything else you publish is quite the opposite.

  2. Marian says:

    I absolutely agree with Khaled. Posting that kind of inflammatory language which is absolutely not based in reality can only be harmful. I love this Banksy piece, but please get rid of that Reddit comment. I have visited Bethlehem with Jewish friends and they were welcomed just the same as my Muslim, Christian, and atheist friends have been.

  3. William says:


  4. JimmyM says:

    Agreed. He was Jewish but of the Southwestern Asian, indigenous population. Not a settler colonialist from Germany/Poland/Europe…

  5. will says:

    Somebody got something backwards…

  6. roger says:

    Somebody got something backwards…

    took the words out of my mouth.

  7. kyra says:

    I'm so disappointed by this picture. For a journal which claims to be "enlightened," I find this picture highly racist against the Jewish state of Israel, and one- sided. Please don't put your political ideas into a journal which is supposed to unite everyone, and please don't assume that the wall depicted here is anything similar to that in the Warsaw Ghetto. Get your history right. Thanks.

  8. Kinneret says:

    I find this post totally offensive to Jews and Muslims alike and not appropriate as a post for a yoga journal. I am a yoga teacher and a Jew and I am shocked by your journal sharing the ranks of this kind of political propaganda that further perpetuates the conflict in Israel. I am shocked at the fact that you people are jumping on the band wagon of this ignorant popular lefty rhetoric and turning your facebook page into a biased political rant. Here read this article I wrote about yoga people boycotting Israel and maybe take some time to truly understand the conflict of this region before you got out and buy your "boycott Israel" shirts online with your matching lulu lemon hats as you pose with Sean Corn for your amnesty international photo op. Here is my article and I would be happy to engage with some educated dialogue with you in the future on the topic of Israel: http://www.jewishpress.com/…/what-happens…/20….
    What Happens When Yoga People Boycott Israel http://www.jewishpress.com

  9. Davidkatie says:

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