How About We All Live A Long & Healthy Life. {Video}

Via Laura Kutney
on Dec 20, 2013
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“The follies which a man regrets most in his life are those which he didn’t commit when he had the opportunity.”

~ Helen Rowland

Many people worry about events that will probably never happen such as shark attacks, being hit by lightening, or being in a plane crash. These are very real and paralyzing fears for some, and I don’t want to discount anyone’s feelings, because I am actually one of those people!

I can comfortably fly in a plane just fine, but if there is turbulence, it does not matter who it is sitting next to me—I will ask if they will hold my hand. And when I go boogie boarding or body surfing, I sometimes look around and wonder what might be lurking under the water near me.

It would seem true that most people worry too much about dying from these awful, yet very unlikely scenarios. What they don’t seem to worry enough about is dying from what will actually kill most of them.

There are many practices that we can adopt today that will give us a much better chance of reaching our golden years in better shape than if we left these practices to be ignored.

The issues that we really should be worried about include routinely exercising, getting enough sleep, eating well, tending to our spiritual paths, surrounding ourselves with good friends, and especially not smoking or drinking too much. These choices that we can make for ourselves each day will largely determine our quality of life in our later years.

It may seem like a tall order to some to live each day taking care of our bodies and spirits, but what is the alternative?

Please take a look at this eye-opening video.

Decide for yourself if you think that making mindful choices and decisions about the way you live today are important enough to enable yourself to transition gracefully into a happier and healthier older you in the future.


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