How to Eat Rice Mindfully (As Taught by Slow Loris). {Video}

Via Laura Kutney
on Dec 11, 2013
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“Taken slowly, or mindfully, even eating an orange or a bowl of soup, or a small piece of dark chocolate for that matter, can take on the flavor of prayer.”

~ Mary DeTurris Poust      


Remember the splendor that can be felt when living mindfully? During each day? And each moment? No matter what is being done or observed?

Remember how I wrote about being attentive when looking at a single painting? Did it make a difference? Do you look at paintings in a different light now?

Can you feel it too? Mindfulness is happening all around us. And it’s a beautiful thing—a wakefulness of our souls.

Let’s catch today’s swell of awareness and surf its great wave together. I want you to join me—please. It will remind us both of how very precious every moment is that we have been given, on this gorgeous, spinning, blue globe that we call our home.

Sometimes, mindfully practiced actions can be found in the most unexpected of places. Sometimes it isn’t even a person who is being mindful.

I was recently deeply moved by a video of slow and intentional eating of a small rice ball. It was being eaten by a creature named Kinako, with big, communicative eyes and petite, nimble hands that moved so slowly and carefully.

I found myself enchanted by this small and adorable being—actually, I swooned from the cuteness overload.

Here she is, Slow Loris and her ball of rice:



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3 Responses to “How to Eat Rice Mindfully (As Taught by Slow Loris). {Video}”

  1. Penny says:

    Poor slow loris, living in that cage. Their downfall is their 'cuteness'. 'Mindfully' leave them in their natural habitat please!

  2. laurakutney says:

    I agree to that. I hesitated sharing due to this, but it was eye-opening to see how they behave. I'm all for natural habitats, but at times there are orphans and such. I don't recommend keeping wild creatures as pets. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Laura

  3. laurakutney says:

    I have been given more information about this amazing creature. It really does need to live nocturnally in order to eat, reproduce, and live properly. These should never be taken in as pets. Please check out the following page that I have just been made aware of:

    Live and let live!