December 13, 2013

So You Think You Can Yoga? Tutorials with George Anthony. ~ Carrie Stiles {Using Your Hands In Asana}


Using your hands correctly in yoga asana is paramount.

Balance in Asana is always a balance of opposing actions and movements. For example, as much as you ground your palms also “draw” up through your arms. And as much as you externally rotate your shoulders, internally rotate your shoulders.

It sounds counter intuitive, but the opposing actions yields great results. Dont forget to press through your thumb and index finger.


George is a freelance Yoga instructor that uses succinct descriptions and perfect timing and pace to explore the practices of Yoga. His approach is clear and sincere. George’s intentions is to help his students discover their own realizations. He encourages his students to explore their relationship to their bodies, the world and connect to source.You can learn more about his teaching and events at www.YogaLifeandGeorge.co


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Editor: Dana Gornall

Photo Credit: George Anthony/YouTube


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