December 13, 2013

The Doublefaced Girl (& Why Perception Matters). {Photos}

What we choose to focus on in this life often determines where we are and how we feel.

Life is all about perception.

Most things don’t happen to us, they happen because of us. We create. We see. We manifest.

An unflinching perception, in my opinion, can be a very dangerous thing. If I’m unwilling to change the way I see the emotional and physical landscape of myself and my world, then I’m unwilling to grow and change.

Art teaches us that we are more than one thing.

The function of art is to disrupt our preconceived perceptions about ourself and our world.

Art helps us to witness the multifaceted and wondrous nature of this existence, and opens us up to the possibility of change.

If we can see an image, a painting or an idea in a new light, then perhaps we can see ourself in a new light, too? This is the power of art. It begs us to ask questions. It sets us free from what we think we know.

Do you tell yourself the same story over and over again about who you are and who you will always be? I used to, and it limited me.

Do you perceive yourself as frozen in your circumstance and nature?

If so, I hope these images centered upon the illusive nature of perception by the German artist Sebastian Bieniek helps to loosen this rigidity from your bones.

Doublefaced by Sebastian Bieniek:








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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: My Modern Met, Sebastian Bieniek & flickr 

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