December 11, 2013

The Paradox of Life.

What changed in your life this year? What stayed the same?

Every day is the same and different.

Every day is the same, in a way. They all have 24 hours, start with the morning, move to the afternoon and end in the night. Every year is the same, too. Seasons, months, weeks, days.

And! Every day is different. Each one is unique, made up of a series of moments unlike any other. Every day brings new thoughts, emotions, ideas, plans and experiences. Each day is another opportunity to practice things like gratitude, mindfulness, kindness, compassion and presence.

Every one is both equal and unique.

We are all human. We all seek happiness. We all breathe and move through our lives presumably trying our best. We share the same emotions. We are all essentially the same.

At the same time, we are all different, unique, inimitable. We experience and process things differently. We have diverse customs, cultures and identities.

What stayed the same was everything.

In essence, I am the same little baby who was born 33 years ago. I am the same little girl curious about the world; I can feel that I’m still her on the inside.

This year, I didn’t move. I didn’t change jobs. Yet I didn’t get tired of my happy daily routines. I continued adoring where I live and what I do. I stayed grateful (just about) every damn day for the beauty of the lake, my luckiness in love, the sweet place at which my life suddenly seems to have arrived after long years of strife and struggle.

What changed was everything.

My life got flipped around this year. I experienced more joy and more challenges than I’d previously thought possible. Priorities rearranged.

There was suddenly sh*t, everywhere. A whole lot of crying, screaming, laughing and babbling taking place.

This one little girl baby arrived and changed everything forever.

This is today’s #reverb13 prompt, a means to reflect on the year that has passed and set intentions for the coming year.You are invited to participate, as privately or publicly as you wish. To share what you’ve written, add a comment. 

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