The Path. ~ Jyoti Wind {Poem}

Via Jyoti Wind
on Dec 24, 2013
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We start off with grand ideas,

delusions actually,

of how we perceive

the path that opens up

in front of us.


We idealize,




all the while

the path unfolds

at its own rate,

in its own way.


We meet surprise

like a stranger in the night,


that our preconceived ideas,

definites we would have staked

our life on, and did,

were not how it was turning

out to be.


We let go of our illusions.

We drop the certainty

of what it all is,

like a hot potato

burning our hand.


Like a child

full of wonder,


and not knowing,

we allow the path

to take us home.

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Assistant Editor: Lauren Savory / Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Nikki Hoffman / Flickr





About Jyoti Wind

Jyoti Wind is a poet and author. Her poetry has recently been published in Crone Magazine/Issue #6  and she has self-published several books of poetry and prose, a childhood memoir and four anthologies. In her day job as an astrologer, she counsels her clients on spiritual as well as mundane affairs. Jyoti also leads women’s weekly writing groups and recently published a new book of poetry, One Small Sip: A Book of Contemplative Poetry (Nov 2013). She can be reached by email or through her website.


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