December 13, 2013

The Yogi Chronicles.

A new chapter begins, as she embarks on a new journey.

Where the journey will take her, she does not know, but she hopes she will learn much along the way.

And she hopes to grow.

The first obstacle has already presented itself. It is daunting, as obstacles often are.

She feels utter disappointment. Frustration. Fleeting despair. She lets these feelings ruminate for several moments; then she attempts to think differently and turn them into positive energies.

Last night—it was to be their first meeting, an orientation for yoga teacher training! She was so excited. It was the start of change—a new path, a richer lifestyle, perhaps even the way to a new career. An opportunity to learn, to soak in, to grow…

Although she had considered it many times before, it always seemed to be a distant hope, something she would only daydream about. But now! Now the timing and details all seemed to fall into place, and she felt that here is where she was meant to be.

She entered the room, filled with joy, eagerness and excitement; then she learned that the required minimum of four students had not been meant. They were short by one.

Her mind reeled.

Suddenly her journey skidded to a stop before it had even been officially launched. Her disappointment was shared by all in the room. Two teachers and two eager students, unsure if they would be meeting again the following week. (There was a third not present, but committed.) The syllabus was still briefly discussed. The handbooks were passed around, and the yogis were allowed to thumb through and peek, but ultimately had to return them, given the uncertain future of the course.

She tried to keep her thoughts positive, but had difficulty shaking the wistfulness from her heart.

Plans had been made, books had been bought, schedules had been altered, and childcare had been arranged. Now it was all on hold. When the journey would truly begin was unknown.

So she thought.

By the time she arrived home, after gazing at the swollen yellow moon shining in the sky, she realized that her journey had already in fact begun. It just hadn’t started the way she had imagined. There was a snag. A roadblock. However, she remembered in her heart that things happen for a reason. Perhaps this uncertainty, this wave of disappointment was meant to be experienced. Perhaps it was the first lesson to be learned.

We can’t control everything. We can plan, work out every minute detail, set schedules and make resolutions, but ultimately it’s all futile.

What will be will be.

We must accept what we cannot change graciously, and receive it as something we can learn from. The most rewarding journeys are often not easily achieved.

Presently—She smiles to herself as she hopes and prays that it will work out for the group to find their fourth student. She smiles because she knows in her heart, if it doesn’t “work out” her journey will still continue. Even if the path she had imagined so intricately alters slightly.

The moon is supposed to be full tonight. Her heart already was.

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