December 11, 2013

‘Twas A Moment In Savasana. ~ Jean Munoz Keese

‘Twas a moment in Savasana, when all through the studio, not a yogi was stirring—each trying to let go.

The Yoga mats were lined up in even rows with care, in hopes that inner peace, soon would be there.

The yogis were nestled, snug on their mat beds, while visions of inner peace danced in their heads.

Celebrate! Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukkah. Hard to settle our brains for a long peaceful Savasana.

For out on the town there had been such a clatter. All distracted with shopping, no notice anything was the matter.

Time to quiet the mind, it moves like a flash. Stop thinking of ways to turn over our cash!

The lights have been dimmed, as we seek our inner glow. I wiggle my fingers. Can’t relax. I wiggle my toe.

When what to my wondering self should appear but a vision of peace, with a message that makes it all clear.

With a little inspiration, an exhale…I release. I knew in this moment it must be inner peace!

More rapid than eagles, the realization, it came. My mind calmed, it relaxed as it called them by name:

Now ‘Inhale’, Now ‘Exhale’, Now time to ‘just be.’ Oh ‘relax,’ Oh ‘Let Go’ of what stands in front of “me.”

To the top of my mind, had I broken down the wall? In this moment, inner peace, please be there for all.

The wild hurricane flies, and settles as dry leaves. When the obstacle of the mind lets go, I can believe.

I’d found it, it’s real, and then, oh, I knew. In this moment, my path was clear…with inner peace too!

And then, in a twinkling, I heard another though—a dancing and glorious but simple little thought.

I drew into myself, and focused on what I’d found. ‘Twas in savasana, where my inner peace can abound.

A yogi, in stretchy clothes from my head to my foot. My energy beginning to clear, right down to my root.

A bundle of potential, I had within me. Just me, little me, could be extraordinary.

My eyes—now they twinkled. My thoughts—how merry. My attitude—like roses. My heart—sweet like a cherry!

My mouth was now drawn up like a bow. And, my intentions within were as pure as the snow.

The stump in my thoughts I’d held tight in myself had just been released; I’ve now found a new wealth.

My face, it now glowed. I’m strong to my core. I shook, and I laughed. Yoga! I seek more!

On the mat—and off—yoga is good for my health! And I laugh, I laugh out loud, in spite of myself.

Another fleeting thought goes through my head. And I realize that I have nothing to dread!

I spoke not a word, I know I’ve done the hard work. I filled myself up, now I can share all the perks.

Still laying on my mat, inhaling through my nose. I rolled to one side, and then slowly rose.

I sat on my mat, to myself I exhale. As away all stress flew, inner peace would prevail.

My final thought, as I moved from where I lay:

“Happy Holidays To All, And To All Namaste”

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Editor: Paige Vignola

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