December 30, 2013

Want to save 89% on your groceries? Bulk Bag DIY!

Want a Plastic-free Planet? Bulk Food Buying Made Sexy!

“Trash is the failure of imagination” ~ Aaron Kramer, trash artist

My favorite way to decrease packaging is by bringing our own reusable bulk bags when we go food shopping.

As environmental stewards, reducing food packaging is an easy and important way to decrease the trash we send to the landfill—and buying food from the bulk department at the grocery store saves money and waste.

There are many positive environmental impacts of buying bulk food, like decreasing packing and transportation costs.

The Portland State University, in partnership with the Bulk is Green Council (BIG), found that consumers can save an average of 89% by shopping for their natural and organic food in the bulk foods aisle. Buying food in bulk significantly reduces the amount of direct packaging going into landfills.

We make our own, super cute, reusable, cloth bulk bags. We use our cloth bulk bags again and again and simply wash them when they get too dirty. Each bag can be used 100’s of times and lasts for years.

Do you want to make your own bulk bags? Here’s our video about how to do it!

It’s a good feeling knowing that we can reduce our environmental impact of waste, by shopping in the bulk department and bringing our own reusable bulk bags. Plus, we get so many compliments in the check out!

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Editor: Rachel Nussbaum

Photo, Video: Christi Garland


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