December 17, 2013

We Are All Epic Superheroes. ~ Bradley Morris

Yup, we are creating our own unique reality right now.

Stay balanced.

It is so crucial. When we’re scattered, ungrounded, anxious, stressed and in fear-mode, it becomes ridiculously challenging to create our Nowality (our here & now reality) in a way that reflects harmony, purpose and clarity. The reason we feel uncertain, lost and confused is because we are out of balance. This can be caused by many things: eating crappy food, burning the candle at both ends, not stopping to listen or meditate, pushing and forcing, staying in shitty relationships, not following through, self-hatred or lack of self worth, too much TV, not exercising or taking care of our bodies or too much time spent in our heads.


It is the best way to come back into balance and regain control over thoughts, emotions, intentions and experience. If we keep running around like a crazy-assed chicken with no head eventually we’re going to run into something really hard and get hurt. We don’t need an ass-kicking to learn lessons. Just stop the insanity. Breathe the deepest breath possible and let go of the silly patterns you get locked into. Commit to yoga and meditation first thing in the morning to maintain energy balance. Write down intentions, dreams, visions, needs and prayers to keep focused on what you want … otherwise everything gets ungrounded.

We are like Superheroes with how freakin’ powerful we are.

Our intentions and thoughts are unbelievably potent. We create the experience we call Reality. After nearly a decade of learning to pave my path with clear intentions, focused direction and a perspective grounded in gratitude, I have witness enough miracles in the flow. This is what happens when we take our superpowers seriously and project our energy in the direction we want life to flow. This is how I create epic golf shots.

There is resistance. Things don’t always go our way, but that’s how we learn and heal on our path to becoming epic creators. At the very least, Spirit provides enough hope to keep us moving forward, creating and to help us stay 100% in faith to the Life-Force. If we want to change the world, we got to start changing our inner world so that everywhere we go we recognize ourselves, or the G-O-D presence, in all people and moments.

Then when we come up against a challenging experience we can take responsibility for our part and bring harmony there. The challenges in our lives are our responsibility, not the government, not mommy and daddy, not husband or wife…ours. The sooner we start the housekeeping in the here & now, the sooner life will harmonize and come into balance.

Sit. Pray. Be. Breathe. Life is a mind trip. We need to make it a heart trip.

Truth can only be found in the heart and when we live from that place, we start to see that most of what’s out there is utter bullshit. Life becomes much funnier and more fun when we begin to focus on the things that really matter. Have fun creating magical moments today. 

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Assistant Editor: Jennifer Moore/Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Jennifer Moore

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