January 13, 2014

A Holocaust Victim’s Story: Survival Through Music.

This is such an incredible and inspiring story about a 109 year-old woman named Alice Herz-Sommer.

She is the oldest living survivor of the Holocaust.

Alice was a gifted pianist and was spared the horror of the gas chamber because of her talent.

The Nazis wanted to use musicians to show the world how well the prisoners were being treated through filmed propaganda that was then distributed. And thus Alice survived, along with other musicians and her son who became part of the choir.

The most remarkable thing that I took away from her brilliant message, during her interview, was that no one can ever take away your thoughts. And Alice dreamt of music when she wasn’t playing it. It completely sustained her as it does to this day. She says that it became her religion—That “Music is God.”

Alice is quite the inspiration and has more verve for life than most young people I know. (And I must mention that I love her shoes!)

Enjoy and be amazed!

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