A Sonnet Designed to Make You Smile.

Via Jenna Penielle Lyons
on Jan 8, 2014
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I wrote a sonnet, which is something that most people don’t do unless they have a fetish for the 13th century.

Defined by its 14 lines and somewhat intricate rhyme scheme, the sonnet has been plaguing (no pun intended) English classes since it was invented.

Fiddle and Boots

Yesterday as I watched the gold sun set

thinking of the 2 a.m. spent with you—
laughing and strolling, I seemed to forget
time can’t stop, so without further adieu
let’s keep on sharing friendship and poems,
coffee and tea, the scribbles of Ginsberg

Sometimes we cry—eyes tear and we sew ’em

My vision of last night’s two-step and blurred
dance and laugh with me, ’til the pavement end—
big skies, trembling leaves and my freezing toes,
any work of art that I’ve ever penned,
sings of these things, so it’s this I propose:

Loving someone doesn’t follow a trend..
it’s okay to hold hands with your best friend.

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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: courtesy of the author


About Jenna Penielle Lyons

Jenna Penielle Lyons was born in Portales, New Mexico among sage and sand. Raised in Pocatello, Idaho among the black rock and juniper, she grew up wandering in cowboy boots, running, riding bikes, skiing, climbing, painting, and studying classical ballet. She is a scholar of English Literature, a poet, painter, photographer, musician, and outdoorswoman. She winters in Missoula and spends the summer working for Snake River Hotshots. She is a lover of mountain bluebirds & elephants, tea & good coffee, Carl Jung, Salvador Dali, skiing, climbing in the desert, yoga, harp music, and sagebrush. Her favorite foods are borscht and any combination of chocolate and cayenne pepper. Check out her work and follow her adventures at her website.


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