January 4, 2014

Discovering Your Passion in Life (& Why it’s so Important). {Video}

What is your passion in this life?

Where do your talents and heart reside?

The truth is—most of us don’t really know.

In the video below, Sir Ken Robinson says, “If you don’t know what you can do, you don’t really know what you might be.”

I wholeheartedly agree with him.

To truly know yourself is to know your passions and purpose, and then, hopefully, to use said passion and purpose towards doing good work in the world.

Part of living a mindful life is living a life of self-discovery and purpose.

But how do we uncover our hidden talents, passions and purpose? And what obstacles stand in our way? See what Sir Ken Robinson has to say about that here:



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Jojo Jan 5, 2014 11:01pm

This video is so adorable! And totally to the point too 🙂

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