January 10, 2014

Find Bliss in Your Practice.



I came to Tadasana, Mountain Pose.
Finding stillness in my breath.
Waiting for the mind chatter to cease.

Then movement enters.
Slowly at first, then faster.

Waves cresting throughout my body.
Emotions begin to surface.
No longer bottled inside.
Anger. Joy.
Love. Hate.
The range becomes endless as the battle rages.

Until finally, nothing is left.

No judgement. Only distant observation.
I release into the sensation.

Finally surrendering.
Letting go, I become me.

Whether we are a a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, at some point most of us forget that yoga is much more than just performing a pose on the mat. It’s about being comfortable in our own body and recognizing our own experience.

So the next time you come into a pose, take a moment.

Follow your breath into stillness until the movement of the pose becomes a natural extension of the stillness.

Surrender what you think the pose should look like and just be.

When you truly let go of any expectations, that’s when you’ll find true bliss in your practice.


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: elephant archives





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