January 9, 2014

Finding Sacred Spaces to Nurture our Souls.

The cold weather outside is creating such an impact on civilization at the moment that our inspired hearts and exuberance are getting a bit squashed.

Meditation and home yoga practices are virtually the best way to harness the anxiety that comes with braving the icy, cold conditions in practically every city and state.

We all need those sacred spaces that come with the ability to reveal our emotions and desires in the most optimum way. When it’s so cold outside and we choose not to drive anywhere due to the safety of it, or even peek our heads out because we don’t have the energy or proper gear, that is precisely when we need to retreat to our personal spaces of joy.

It’s not that you have to take a major trip every time, as you could even visualize it in your head. The main concept is to transport your energy and consciousness to a place that gives you space and security.

I have had my fair share of disagreements and tension with my significant other. When two people come together under the pretense of spiritual partnership and twin flame union, it can be a heavenly roller coaster or it can be way too comfortable and nothing ever changes.

We teeter somewhere in between.

I wouldn’t have it any other way though. It is in the discomfort that I find my need to retreat to a sacred space and catch my breath, listen to my heart, process my emotions and where they are settling in my body, and take a personal time out. I have found that even in the coldest weather where it’s not always motivating to get out of the house, I can write in my journal and continue breathing in and out the goodness of who he is and who we are together, I’m then able to return to the partnership in a way that is more healthy and real.

These are some exciting growth times. Right now there is so much going on in the heavens that it can’t be ignored or sidestepped. The elephant is in the room in all situations. It is now or never with taking every aspect of life a step further in this world. If it makes you squirm, all the better.

The first few months of 2014 are not letting up in the Universe’s demands of awakening and enlightenment. There are many light chasers out there; we need to pay attention and get on board with the overall message of love.

Meanwhile, a few sacred spaces may be needed to help with the proper intention you have set and to help nurture your soul while all of the transitions are taking place.

1. The tub.

Cold weather equals the need for warm or hot water on the body. The relaxation of this ritual coupled with magnesium oil, lavender oil and a few fun bubbles will put you in the mood to throw on that fleece robe and settle in for the evening. Add some candles in your tub space, turn off the lights, listen to amazingly soft and calming music.

2. The garden.

Granted, time in the garden isn’t the easiest walk to take with freezing temperatures, but if you live in an area that has seasonably amazing conditions all year round, the garden is one of the most healing sacred spaces to indulge your smell and sight senses. If you have a greenhouse to winterize your plants, the warmth alone inside will create an atmosphere of peace. If none of these exist in your world, imagine it in your mind. You can go there with the same tranquility as actually being there.

3. Long hikes in nature.

I find that snowy hikes are so incredibly peaceful. Something about my feet traipsing in the snow with no sound, other than what Mother Nature provides, is about as sacred as they come. The snow has this wonderful ability to absorb all the outside noise. Whenever I hear just my feet and breath, I feel that is serenity to me. In drier climates or subtropical zones, a hike in chillier weather is the perfect antidote to staying indoors and festering in the nonsense of tension.

Going outside for a long hike in nature is a sign of appreciation for all that we are a part of in this world. It brings reality back to the surface, and oftentimes you can forget what it was that was causing so much intensity. Sacred all the way.

4. Cool coffee and tea shops.

I used to constantly frequent these places when my internet was down, but I found that the energy and buzz of a coffee or tea shop always gave me the sense that life wasn’t all in my head in a weird way, and other people did their social thing or maintained their own calm by burying themselves in their laptops. The music adds to the experience and can pull you out of a funk. With cold weather upon us, these places are a good way to settle into a space of whatever you need to make of it.

5. Meeting up with a friend.

Catching up in person with those who matter in your life will alter your perspective on over-thinking a subject or needing to just download. Good, quality friends getting together can be one of the most sacred times in life. You can forget work issues, partnership woes, blocks in communication with loved ones, or simply have a reason to be in a different nurturing environment.

6. Lounging on the deck or front porch.

Don the puffy coats or Ugg boots, as this practice is an excellent time out in the day. If it is cold, but the sun is shining brilliantly, it still warms the face and heart to have the time to enjoy the quiet in your own space. If you have a furry friend to share it with that will make for a most unconditional and loving space energy. Sometimes getting your own breather in a close proximity can be as easy as stepping outside onto the front porch or deck and lounge in the fresh air. Take a few breaths, close your eyes, and be grateful.

7. Quality meanderings in your favorite city or town.

This might require that trip I mentioned earlier, but it absolutely has the means to inspire, motivate and captivate your entire being in a way that could lead to completely altering your life.

The opportunities that other places—besides the confines of your city present—can help with the overall feeling of oneness, a sensation that there is more out there in life than just where you drive to work every day, the same grocery stores you shop at, and the indigenous nature experiences you witness daily. Offerings are there to be had in uncharted beautiful corners of the world. If you can see it and you need it, make it happen.

Nothing is as sacred as sharing your life with someone you love, yet taking time out of your normal routine and breathing in the wondrous tranquility in whatever fashion you choose, I think it will help to attain a greater sense of self.

The ultimate goal is to return from your replenishment and have an even stronger capacity for the love to reside in your heart and soul.

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